Top kids TV apps for safer viewing during half-term

With 65% of children (8-11yrs) having access to their own smartphone it’s a sure bet that these devices will be getting plenty of usage during half-term this week.

To give you a helping hand on deciding which popular kids TV apps could keep your child entertained and offer a safer viewing experience, we’ve compile a list of the most popular.

TV apps for 0-9 Years

SKY kids logo

Sky Kids

Gives parents peace of mind and a child a safe online viewing experience

  • Age: 3-9 year olds
  • Cost: Available at no extra cost for Variety or Box Sets bundle customers
  • Available on: Android and iOS

The Sky Kids app will offer a fun and safe way for pre-schoolers to nine year olds to enjoy a wide range of the most popular kids TV.  Parents have been involved in the development of the Sky Kids app. The result is an app that kids will love, supported by safety features that parents need.

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Toca TV

New streaming service for kids

Age: 6+
Cost: £4.99
Available on Android and iOS

Toca TV will feature a collection of handpicked kid-friendly videos, including those produced in-house as well as from over 75 other content producers, like those featuring Minecraft gameplay, DIY crafts, recipes, songs and more. Video partners include Broadband TV (BBTV), DreamworksTV, AwesomenessTV, Studio71, and Freedom – all of whom licensed videos the service.

There are thousands of videos available and the service will add more videos on a weekly basis, the company notes.

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YouTube Kids

Child-friendly version of YouTube app

The official YouTube Kids app is designed for curious little minds. This is a delightfully simple (and free!) app, where kids can discover videos, channels and playlists they love.

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BBC iPlayer Kids

The app is designed just for kids, so it’s really easy and safe to use.

Age:  4+
Cost: Free
Available on Android and iOS

BBC iPlayer Kids lets you:

Watch your favourite CBeebies and CBBC shows, all in one place, discover more shows that kids your age love.

Download your favourite shows to watch anywhere and share the app with friends and family by adding multiple profiles.

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Netflix logo

Netflix Just for Kids

A kid-friendly section filled with movies and TV shows

Age:  6+
Cost: Free
Available on iPad

Netflix “Just for Kids” is a kid-friendly section with movies and TV shows that have been deemed appropriate for kids aged 12 and under, sporting a user interface that comes with supersize images of their favorite characters and genres.

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