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Google Family Link

Google Family Link app helps manage a child device user by allowing parents to set digital rules. You can manage app access, set screen time and device bedtime remotely to help them build good online safety habits.

What do I need?

A Yubo account (username and password)

Restrictions you can apply

App access


Browser access

Location sharing

Step by Step Instructions


Before downloading the app, check that your device and your child’s device is compatible with the app. Check your phone is running one of the following version of Android: Nougat 7.0+ ot Marshmallow 6.0+.#

To check on your device, open the settings app on our device, scroll to the bottom and tap ‘About phone’ or ‘About tablet’ to see your version number.


Once you have downloaded the app it will take up to 30 mins to get it set up on your devices. The first step will take 3 mins and will involve providing your Gmail details and confirming that you have all you need to set up the app.


The second step will be to set up your child’s Google account to activate the app. It may take 10 mins and you will need a debit or credit card to confirm your parental consent.


Creating Child account: Enter your child’s name, their date of birth and gender.


Create their email adress and password.


Confirm your parental consent.


The next and final step is to connect your child’s device to the Family Link app. This step can take up to 15 – 20 minutes.

If your child’s device is compatible you should not run into any issue, but be sure to check before beginning. If it’s a shared device, you will either have to create a new user or delete existing users on the device to set up the app.


Log in with your child’s email and password. Select your account to set Parent permission.


Download the Family Link app to your child’s device.


Name your child’s device and review the apps that your child will have access to on the device.


Once you have completed this, you will now be able to customise your child’s settings through the app your phone.


Open the app your phone and tap on the name of your child at the bottom of the screen.


Tap on ‘choose settings’ to set controls and filters across apps on your child’s devices


Tap ‘set up’ under ‘Location’ to ‘Turn on’ to see your child’s location.


Tap ‘set up’ under ‘ App Activity’ to monitor which app your child uses and for how long.


Tap ‘Edit limits’ to set a daily Limit for your child’s device


Tap ‘Edit schedule’ to set a bedtime when your child’s device shuts down

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