Google Family Link

Controls & settings guide

Google Family Link is a free way to set parental controls across Android devices. Manage a child device user by allowing parents to set digital rules and setting up supervised devices. You can manage app access, set screen time and device bedtime remotely to help them build good online safety habits when they’re connected to the internet.

google family link

What do I need?

Individual Google accounts and the Family Link app

Restrictions you can apply

icon Apps Access
icon Browser Access
icon Downloading file sharing
icon Mobile devices
icon Purchasing
icon Timer

Step by Step instructions

These steps were recreated on desktop at The steps are similar on the Google Family Link app.

Getting started: Creating a child account
Getting started: Creating a family group
Getting started: Setting up Family Link
How to manage screen time
Set screen time limits
Where to set up downtime
How to restrict content
Manage account settings for your child
How to monitor different devices
How to set location alerts

Guide them to age-appropriate content

Approve or block apps your child wants to download. Family Link also allows you to choose the right YouTube experiences for your child: a supervised experience on YouTube, or YouTube Kids.


Getting started: Creating a child account

Before using Google Family Link and making use of the parental controls, your family must all have Google accounts. This will automatically create a Family Group.

To create a child’s account:

Step 1 – Sign into your Google account and go to your profile in the web browser. Click Add another account > Create account > For my child.

Step 2 – Read and follow the prompts that come up on screen. Then, fill out your child’s details and create their email address. Click Next.

Step 3 – Enter your own email address (for any child under 13). Click Next. Read through and agree the provided information.

Step 4 – Enter your account password to confirm parental responsibilities. Then read through the provided information to fully understand what this means.

Step 5 – If you’re ready to customise parental controls, choose Manual personalisation. If you want to do that later, select Express personalisation instead. Read through the information and follow the prompts. Click continue or close the window to finish.



Getting started: Creating a family group

If your child already has a Google account, you can set up a family group within Family Link. They must have an account for you to do this.

To create a family group with Google:

Step 1 – Open the Google Family Link app or Sign in here. Select whether your child has an account. If they don’t, you will need to set one up.

Step 2 – When asked if your child has a Google account, select No for now (even if they have one).

Step 3 – Click Get started > Create a family group. Click Confirm to become the family manager.

Step 4 – You can then add up to 6 users in your family group.


Getting started: Setting up Family Link

Once you’ve created a family group on Google Family Link, you can have up to 6 users in the group.

To add family members:

Step 1 – From your account on the Family Link app or site, click on Manage family. Then select Send invitations under Your family group members.

Step 2 – Select people to add or manually enter their email addresses, including your child’s. Click Send.

Step 3 – Once users accept the invitation, they’ll be added. Work with your child to add them to the group on their account or set it up for them.