Facebook Privacy Checkup

Controls & Settings guide

Facebook Privacy Checkup helps your child review who can see their posts and info from their profile, like a phone number and email address. It also shows them their settings for apps they’ve logged into with Facebook.

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What do I need?

A Facebook account (username and password)

Restrictions you can apply

icon Chatting
icon Inappropriate content
icon Privacy and identity theft
icon Social networking

Step by Step instructions


Go to the settings tab on your child’s Facebook app on their phone and scroll to ‘Privacy shortcuts’.


On the ‘Privacy shortcuts’ there is a really useful took called ‘Privacy Check-up’. This takes you through three steps to make sure your child is sharing their content with the right people.


Select continue to choose who to share Facebook posts with. This could be a link, video, a photo or a story. Make sure your child has selected ‘Friends’ to prevent strangers seeing your child’s content.


The next section on the ‘Privacy checker’ is all about your child’s profile, include who they share their phone number, email address and birthday with. We would recommend you advise your child to provide little information here as possible. If you do want to include the data, simply ensure the ‘friends’ options is ticked here.


The final section of the ‘Privacy checker’ go through the apps that your child’s Facebook account is linked to. Review these apps as they will use data from the Facebook account on their platforms. Delete the ones that you may not recognise.


On the main menu –  tap ‘Who can see my stuff‘ – If your child has selected ‘friends’ on the ‘Privacy check-up beforehand, ‘friends’ will be selected here too.


Anyone can send you a Facebook ‘Friends’ requests but if you want to make sure only ‘friends of friends’ can, Under ‘Who can sen me friends request‘ select this option.


Blocking people on Facebook – If your child has been harassed on Facebook or would like to block people causing them harm, tap ‘ How do I stop someone bothering me’ and type in their name. Visit our cyberbullying hub if you need more support.

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