Sky Go

Controls & Settings guide

Sky Go allows you to use Pin-protected parental controls that are seperate to any that apply to your Sky TV subscriptions. Its features include an age rating filter, making sure your children can only access appropriate content.

What do I need?

A Sky ID (Username and Password) - If you haven’t signed up, you will need a contact email address and your Sky account number or your account direct debit details.

Restrictions you can apply

icon Inappropriate content

Step by Step instructions


While on your browser go to and click ‘Sign in’.


Log in to your Sky account using your Sky ID and Password. If you haven’t got an account click the ‘Sign up’ button.


Select the ‘My Sky’ tab at the top and choose ‘Sky Go PIN’.


Here you can choose the access level for all your Sky Go devices. Select a level and create a 4 digit PIN Code. This will be requested when accessing content through Sky Go.

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