Top 6 great family games to enjoy over Easter holidays

By Andy Robertson on

With the Easter holidays upon us, it’s worth considering what console and mobile games you’ll be playing with the family over the break. While children will inevitably migrate to high profile games like Fortnite, Minecraft, Rocket League and FIFA, it’s important for parents to broaden their family’s gaming diet. To save you some of the … Continued

BBFC Digital Economy Act Guidance Consultation March 2018

By Internet Matters Team on

In March 2018 the British Board of Film Classification launched a consultation on its proposals for Age Verification. Forming part of the Digital Economy Act it is designed to prevent children "stumbling" upon explicit content. The aim of is to target website or apps that contain pornographic content. If sites fail to follow the guidance … Continued

Our Expert Panel – Introducing Adam Deen

By Adam Deen on

Adam was previously a senior member of the Islamist extremist organisation, al-Muhajiroun, and utilised universities himself as a key source for recruitment. Adam became disillusioned with his extremist beliefs and began a journey away from Islamist extremism. Adam now dedicates his work to countering extremism and the Islamist ideology he once subscribed to, which he … Continued

My child wants to be a vlogger, is it safe?

By Dr Tamasine Preece on

Is your child longing to join the wave of young teens and pre-teens vlogging about their lives and favourite pastimes? If so, it's important to make sure they are aware of what they may encounter and what the benefits and risks are. Dr Tamasine Preece shares insight on this and more. What should I consider … Continued