Supporting teens as they explore their curiosity online

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Vicky shares her experience of managing her child’s natural curiosity into sex online and ways she found worked for her. Senior school can often mean big changes in a child’s Internet habits. That’s certainly the experience of Vicky and her son Nathan, who started secondary school a year ago. Nathan is 13 and when he … Continued

Mum shares her experience of protecting digitally savvy pre-teen from inappropriate content

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Beth shares how she helps her digitally-savvy 10-year-old navigate the risks of seeing inappropriate content through the platforms he uses, from YouTube to Xbox. Beth is a 30-something married Mother of ten-year-old Charlie and five-year-old twin daughters Poppy and Phoebe, living in Shropshire, England. In Beth’s family, ten-year-old Charlie is the most enthusiastic user of … Continued

Exploring online identity in the Insta-age

By Jonathan Ellicott on

Looking at how teens explore their online identity in the social media age, Jonathan Ellicott offers advice on what parents need to know to support them. Childhood and adolescence is a time when young people are discovering ‘who they are’ and explore their identity, style and character. It is a time that helps young people … Continued

What to do if gaming gets out of hand

By Andy Robertson on

Gaming expert Andy Robertson gives advice on how to help children manage their emotions when gaming affects their mood or mental state. Video games are a normal part of modern family life and childhood. They offer a unique way to spend time together and can engage our kids in all manner of topics and activities. … Continued

What you need to know about WHO gaming disorder

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Gaming Disorder has been added to the WHO ICD-11 disease classification in the section on “Disorders due to addictive behaviours”. It specifies the clinical conditions to be met if an individual is to be diagnosed with gaming disorder. “Gaming disorder is characterized by a pattern of persistent or recurrent gaming behaviour…” manifested by: “impaired control … Continued

Back to the basics for digital families

By Dr. Elizabeth Milovidov, Esq on

Parenting in the digital age may sometimes seem daunting, but parents can be effective supporters for their children and young people by remembering the basics: balance and boundaries and critical thinking and communication. Balance and boundaries Earlier this year, the UK Chief Medical Officers put out a commentary on screen balance and stated that “Even … Continued