Insight on new digital literacy report & impacts on the curriculum

By John Carr on

E-safety expert John Carr reflects on the House of Lords Communications Committee report 'Growing up with the internet' and highlights the importance of making the internet a safer place for children. Thoughts on the report “Growing up on the Internet” was published earlier this week by the House of Lords Communications Committee. The Committee Chair … Continued

How do you rate age ratings on apps?

By John Carr on

A simple enough question? Have a closer look. David Wright, UKSIC Director, and e-safety expert John Carr discuss the importance of making ratings clear to keep children safe on apps. Age ratings on films, games and more Most people are familiar with age ratings for films. That’s not surprising.  In the UK they have been … Continued

What parents need to know about ‘digital self-harm’

By Dr. Linda Papadopoulos on

Dr Linda offers advice on how digital platforms are now being used by teens as to self-harm ‘digitally’ and what parents can do to support their children through it. It is estimated that about 1 in 10 people self-harm (source: Royal College of Psychiatrists) but this is probably an underestimation as many people do not … Continued

GoBubble – A safe social media app for under 13s

By Internet Matters Team on

Social media offers children a world of opportunities but it can also open them up to potential risks such as cyberbullying. GoBubble - the new app from eCadets - allows children to take advantage of the best bits of social media without any of the negative aspects. What is GoBubble? GoBubble and was created with … Continued

Can selfies affect a child’s mental health?

By Dr. Linda Papadopoulos on

The desire to explore and manipulate our identity is a normal process of development and underpins much of the appearance-driven behaviour that we see amongst young people. Up until recently, this was done in front of the mirror; experimenting with clothes, hairstyles and makeup.  More recently the selfie has begun to play a role. While … Continued

What do you do if your child is addicted to online gaming?

By Emma Chanagasubbay on

Last year, Emma’s 14-year-old son, Jack*, became addicted to online gaming. Here, Emma shares her experience to offer support to other parents. Our family is a little larger than average, and it makes for a busy household. We’ve never really had much time to play computer games, except the odd game on the iPad for … Continued