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How can we support vulnerable children in the digital world?
By Internet Matters
What you need to know about WHO gaming disorder
Parenting Generation Game report
By Internet Matters
Harry Potter: Wizards Unite parents’ guide
Parenting Generation Game: Summary of findings
By Internet Matters
Mum shares her challenge of protecting her teens from seeing adult content
How can I help my child best manage their screen time?
In the age of social media, how can I help my child maintain a positive body image?
How do I start a conversation to explain what extremism and radicalisation is to my child?
Expert advice on screen time, summer selfies and more
My child has been negatively affected by something they’ve seen online- what do I do?
Back to the basics for digital families
Live streaming report reveals nearly a third of 11 to 13 year old are broadcasting themselves live over the internet
By Internet Matters
What to do if gaming gets out of hand
1 in 3 parents concerned their children will become addicted to pornography
By Internet Matters
How can I help my child to think critically to protect them against extremist influences?
Parenting Digital Natives report highlights parental concerns about children online use
By Internet Matters
Safeguarding children online is top priority as UK set to introduce new online safety standards
New Sky Broadband Buddy app helps pause the internet for quality family time
Digital self-harm – is it a cry for help?
How can I encourage my child to report something if they believe a friend is self-harming?
How to encouraged teens to make safe choices about relationships
Supporting teens as they explore their curiosity online
TikTok app safety – What parents need to know
Parent shares how tech use helps children thrive
Discover what Facebook is doing to keep children safe online
What is online consent and how can I discuss this with my child?
Managing screen time – starting with an open conversation with children is key
What is the school’s responsibility to protect my child from extremism?
Mum shares her experience of protecting digitally savvy pre-teen from inappropriate content
How do I know if my child is vulnerable to radicalisation online?
Why are children encouraging others to ‘roast’ them online?
Exploring online identity in the Insta-age
New Instagram cyberbullying prevention tools launched
Screen time report reveals parents concerns that too much screen is causing child inactivity
By Internet Matters
What impact can selfies have on my child’s self-esteem and mental health?
Parents say online porn gives children extreme unrealistic idea of sex
By Internet Matters
My child is actively seeking followers to build a brand online, how can I keep them safe?
Can violent video games encourage my child to be aggressive?
Mum gamer shares online gaming benefits and potential challenges
What can I do to ensure my child’s safety over the summer break?
Parents guide to the Fortnite World Cup
Yubo formerly Yellow social media app – what parents need to know
What parents need to know about Pokémon Go mobile game

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