Virtual reality gaming – what parents need to know

By Andy Robertson on

With the growth of virtual reality devices aimed at children, games expert Andy Robertson shares advice on the growing phenomenon and what parents need to know about these new gadgets. Virtual Reality, usually referred to as VR, used to be the preserve of science fiction films. Now, though, a range of VR gaming products offer … Continued

Our Expert Panel – Introducing CC Olivia Pinkney

By CC Olivia Pinkney on

I am the National Police Chief Lead for the policing of Children and Young People.  One of the first actions that I took on taking on this role 3 years ago was to develop a National Child Centred Policing Strategy.  We have a National Action Plan and forces are working on implementing it. One of … Continued

Wishbone App – What parents need to know

By Dr Tamasine Preece on

To help parents who've raised concerns that their children are receiving unsolicited messages on wishbone app, we've compile expert tips on how to keep them safe on the app. About the App Launched in 2015 Wishbone describes itself as "the go-to for comparing anything your heart desires," with over 3.1  million active monthly users globally. It … Continued

How are YouTubers influencing children?

By Dr Tamasine Preece on

Dr Tamasine Preece gives insight about the power that YouTubers now have on children who look to them for advice on issues they're most concerned about. Many of the concerns regarding YouTube are not dissimilar from those expressed towards other sites such as Facebook, Instagram and SnapChat. Content can often include strong language and problematic … Continued

Parent shares her story about how her son was bullied online

By Jenny Smith on

Jenny, like many parents, didn’t even know what cyberbullying was when it happened to her son, Sam. To encourage other parents to start a conversation about the issues and support their children, she shares her story. “I had always been careful about Sam having access to social media, even though all his friends were on … Continued

Mum shares psychological impact cyberbullying had on her daughter

By Lisa on

This mum’s story reinforces the need to talk and take an active role in a child’s digital life as she shares her daughter’s battle with self-harm after being cyberbullied. Giving a child their first smartphone When her youngest daughter Lily was 10, she wanted a mobile phone and social media accounts. “It wasn’t something I … Continued

Mum shares son’s experience of cyberbullying while gaming

By Natalie Randall on

Cyberbullying can happen 24/7 on any platform or connected device. To help encourage other parents to talk to their children about cyberbullying, Natalie shares how she helped her son deal with cyberbullying while he was gaming. Conner had just turned 11 when he first experienced the unpleasant side of the Internet. “For about two years, … Continued