Snapchat privacy settings

Controls & Settings guide

Snapchat features a number of functions to help your child manage who can see their content and how they interact with others. They can also use the reporting function to flag content that breaks community guidelines and upsets them.

What do I need?

A Snapchat account (username and password)

Restrictions you can apply

icon Chatting
icon Inappropriate content
icon Privacy and identity theft
icon Social networking

Step by Step instructions


Tap on the gear icon on the right side of the Profile screen


Scroll to ‘Who can…‘ section of the page and select ‘Contact Me‘. Here you can choose who can contact your child directly with Snaps, Chats, calls and more. We’d recommend that this is set to ‘My Friends‘ so that strangers cannot directly contact your child. Note that even if the “My Friends” option is selected, anyone your child is in a group with will be able to communicate with them.


Again in the ‘Who can…‘ section, tap on ‘View My Story‘. Here you can choose who can see your child’s ‘Story’  or tap on ‘Custom’ to block specific friends from seeing your child’s ‘Story’. We would recommend setting this to ‘My Friends‘ so that only your child’s friends can see this story.

Please note that if they have recently posted a ‘Story’ and then changed this to ‘My Friends’ some people may still have access to the Story.


Under settings and ‘Who can‘ section, Select ‘See Me in Quick Add‘ and on the next screen, ensure that the option is unticked so that your child doesn’t appear on ‘friends’ accounts under ‘Quick add’ option.


Manage Snap Maps – Tap on the gear icon to go to the settings menu. Scroll to ‘Who can…’ section and tap ‘See my location’. Set his to ‘Ghost Mode’ to ensure your child’s location is not shared. If you have this set to ‘My Friends’ your child’s location will only be updated when they open the SnapChat app. You can also choose to only let a select list of friends see your child’s location.


Opt out of ‘Find friends’ – Tap on gear icon and click on ‘Mobile Number’. Then tap on the icon next to ‘Let others find me using my mobile number’ to exclude your mobile number from ‘Find Friends’ feature on the platform.


Reporting on Snapchat: This can be done by pressing and holding the Snap to see the ‘Report Snap’ menu and then selecting the reason for reporting the Snap.


To block, report or remove a friend, select the gear icon to see your profile menu, select ‘My friends’. Tap the user that you’d like to amend and select the relevant option from the menu and confirm the change.

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