BT Broadband

Controls & Settings guide

BT Parental Controls allows you to restrict certain types of websites on all devices connected to the BT Smart Hub and when connected to a UK BT Wi-Fi hotspot using a BT ID. There are a range of filters to choose from to block content and usage.

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What do I need?

A My BT account (BT ID and Password) If you haven’t signed up, you will need a contact email address and your BT account number (found at the top of your bill)

Restrictions you can apply

icon Alcohol & Tobacco
icon Dating
icon Downloading file sharing
icon Drugs & Criminal Skills
icon Fashion & Beauty
icon File Sharing & Hacking
icon Gambling
icon Inappropriate content
icon Media streaming
icon Obscene & Tasteless
icon Online games
icon Pornography & Adult
icon Search enginges
icon Sex education
icon Social networking
icon Suicide & Self-harm
icon Weapons & Violence, Gore & Hate

Step by Step instructions


Go to MyBT and log in using your BT ID and Password. If you haven’t got an account click the ‘Sign up’ button.


Scroll down to ‘Use your extras, at no extra cost’ and click ‘Manage your extras’


Then click ‘Setup BT Parental Controls’


You will then see a page telling you that BT are activating your Parental Controls. You will be activated with the ‘light’ filter setting. Setup may take up to 2 hours.


Once activated, you will then be able to change your filter level to suit your family. You can choose from a range of filters such as Strict, Moderate and Light. There is also the ability to block individual categories or sites.

To help balance screen time, there is a Homework Time setting as well. It can block social media, gaming and homework cheat sites at certain times.