The Online Together Project 

Skills tool promoting a positive and inclusive culture online

What is it?

Supported by Samsung’s Solve for Tomorrow initiative, the skills tool is designed to encourage learning through questions and conversations. It allows young people to discover their understanding of online topics and encourages them to discuss these through a series of conversation starter questions.

It can be used by young people on their own, with peers or together with teachers, parents and carers to encourage discussion and further learning.

Start your skills journey by choosing the topic you’d like to explore 

What you'll learn

  • Understand what gender stereotypes are
  • How they can affect what people post online and how they act
  • Ways to respect differences online to create a safe space to empower people to be who they are

What you'll learn

  • How to recognise what online hate is
  • Understand how it can affect people online and offline
  • Know where to get support to tackle it
  • Positive things to do to create a more positive environment online

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