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Addressing online pornography

As a result of their curiosity, or by accident, children can find pornography fairly easily on the internet. Dependent on their age, it can be upsetting or confusing as pornography portrays an unrealistic image of sex and relationships.

Although industry and Government are working towards a solution to protect children from seeing porn online, understanding how your child may access it and what impact this can have on their emotions will help you prepare them for what they might see and build their resilience if it happens.

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Educate and Empower Kids video showing views from young people on pornography and their parents’ role in helping them understand it.
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`{`on screen`}` Have you EVER seen online pornography

`{`Group of teens`}`


Yes, I have have.

I am a teenage guy so yes I have.



Of course.

I've seen it.


Yeah I have.

`{`On screen text`}` When was the first time

I was about thirteen `{`or`}` fourteen.

I was like fourteen.

`{`In`}` 6th grade

11 `{`years old`}`

I was like ten.

About when I hit puberty, probably around 11.

Probably aged 12.

7th Grade.

5th Grade.

12 almost 13 `{`Years old`}`

Like maybe 8th Grade.

when I was in elementary school.

14 `{`Years old`}`

Probably when I was thirteen.

`{`On screen text`}` How were you introduced to pornograhy?

I accessed it online through the phone, there were just ads popping up at first.

It was on a website and it just popped up.

Yeah I was on my computer, I think it like popped up.

I just came across it I guess.

On my phone.

Four months ago I was dared to watch it on my friends phone.

On my friends computer and a friends showed it to me.


Some kids on the bus was just watching it and showing everybody and being funny about it.

Probably a friend showed me I think.

The first time I saw it, it was my birthday and my friend showed it to me.

I went to my friends house and he showed me on his phone.

It was on a computer and one of my friends was like dude you have to see this.

`{`on screen text`}` When was the last time you watched it?


Two days ago.

Probably last night.

Couple of weeks ago.

Yesterday maybe.

I watch it Wednesdays and Thursdays.

`{`On screen text`}` Do your parents talk to you about pornography?




I don't know.



`{`On screen text`}` DO your parents talk to you about sext?

Yes, once.

Kind of.


Like once.




They've talk to me about it twice I think.


Nothing more than what it is.

`{`on screen text`}` Have you talked to your kids about sex?

`{`Voice over`}` Make sure you are the first and best source for your kids questions about healthy sexuality and intimacy. Find information and educational resources like 30 days od sex talks at

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Use our guide to have age-appropriate conversations with children about online pornography to protect them.

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