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The Fitbit kids’ tracker, Fitbit Ace, gives parents the opportunity to set up a Family Account to get everyone involved with fitness. Using this tracker designed for children can help them track their health with close support from you.

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What do I need?

Your own Fitbit account and a Fitbit Ace for your child.

Restrictions you can apply

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Step by Step instructions

These steps were recreated on Android and Apple devices:

How do you create a Fitbit family account?
How do you create a Fitbit child account?


How do you create a Fitbit family account?

Creating a family account with Fitbit is a great way to manage the whole family’s fitness while setting challenges for each other.

To create a family account:

Step 1 – Login to your account on your device’s Fitbit app.

Step 2 – Select your profile icon and then Create Family Account > Create Family.

Step 3 – You can then add guardians and invite members to join the account. Do not add a child’s account here. Instead, switch to their device.


How do you create a Fitbit child account?

If your child has a Fitbit Ace — the fitness tracker designed for children — you will have to create their own account. In order to do so though, you will need your own account.

To create a child’s account with Fitbit:

Step 1 – Install the Fitbit app on the device your child will connect to their Fitbit.

Step 2 – On their device, login to the app with your details. Go to your profile icon > My Family > Create Child Account.

Step 3 – Enter your own password to confirm. Read the information and follow the prompts.

Step 4 – Enter your child’s information. This is only seen by you, those on your account and the child themselves. It is used to accurately track their fitness.

Step 5 – Pair their Fitbit with their device when prompted. Make sure the device and tracker are near each other. Check that you are pairing the correct tracker and then follow the prompts on-screen.

Step 6 – Read any further documentation before accepting and continuing.

Your child can now access Kid View of their Fitbit app, which is a simpler version of the full parent’s view. To see more features, they will need to enter your password.

Through Kid View, children can interact with their family members through cheers or taunts. To add friends with Fitbits, they will need your permission.


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