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Protecting kids from explicit content

As children become more independent online, it’s possible that they may come across things which are inappropriate for their age or stage of development. Using filters to block explicit content and having frank conversations are just a few ways you equip them with tools to deal with it.

Navigate our advice hub to learn about the potential risks of inappropriate content and what practical tips you can take to give your child a safer online experience.

Watch video to see why it matters

Our campaign video showing how children’s curious nature can lead them to easily stumble across content that may not be age appropriate.
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Fred is sitting in the kitchen searching for videos of pirates online. He clicks to watch a video of ``Somali pirates hostage situation`` and is left frightened and confused.


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Learn about it

What do you need to know about inappropriate content

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Protect your child

Tips and tools for website blocking and content filtering

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Deal with it

What to do if your child sees explicit content

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Where to go to get further helps

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Block explicit content

Use our guides to set up the right controls and privacy settings on the networks, apps, and sites children use.

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