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WhatsApp privacy settings

WhatsApp privacy settings allow you to restrict who can see your child’s messages and location. There are also ways to block delete or report users on the platform.

What do I need?

A WhatsApp account

Restrictions you can apply


Step by Step Instructions


Launch WhatsApp on your child’s device


By default, WhatsApp will automatically set privacy settings to allow any WhatsApp user to view read, last seen messages and profile photo and status. If you don’t share your last seen information, you won’t be able to see other people’s last seen information.

Change privacy settings by going to settings > Account > Privacy


Tap on Last seen to amend the setting to ‘My contacts’ or ‘Nobody’.


Tap on Profile photo to change the setting to ‘My contacts’ or ‘Nobody’.


Tap on ‘About’ to change the setting to ‘My contacts’ or ‘Nobody’.


Tap on Status to change the setting to change the setting to ‘My contacts’or to only share with specific contacts.


Tap on Live Location to review the setting and amend this in the device’s location settings to ensure your child is not sharing their location with contacts.


Tap ‘Blocked contacts’ to manage who has been blocked from seeing your child’s account.


You can also block a user or report spam by going to their profile and scrolling to the bottom and tapping ‘Block’ or ‘Report Spam’.


If you’d like to limit the media that is downloaded on your child’s device from the app, go to settings > Data and storage usage and set all the options under ‘Media auto download’ to ‘No media’.


If you’d like to send any reports to WhatsApp you can simply go to Settings > About and help > Contact Us

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