Online Safety resources for teachers

Use our online safety resource hub to access a range of information for use in the classroom and to help parents make positive changes to children’s digital lives.

Primary School

Find a broad range of primary school online resources to keep children safe online.

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Secondary School

See range of secondary school online safety resources to help keep children safe online.

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Early Years

If you are a nursery school teacher see our array of useful resources for pre-schoolers.

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Parent pack

Get presentations, leaflets and more to help communicate to parents about online safety.

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Internet Matters App

Learn more about our free tablet app to encourage children and parents to talk about online safety.

Policy & Training

Stay informed about online safety policy and see a range of training programmes available.

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Make a noise

Get details of our anti-bullying programme, co-founded with tootoot and funded by the DfE.

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Online safety live events

Find out more about South West Grid for Learning’s free events designed exclusively for professionals working with children and young people.


Our ‘One Word’ campaign

See our awareness campaign aimed at parents to encourage them to take an active role in their children’s digital life at the start of a new school term to keep them safe.


Expert Q&A article

Following a report revealing that 700 children have been excluded from school for sexual misconduct, see advice from our experts on supporting children on sex and relationships issues.