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Little Digital Helps Toolkit.

It only takes 8 minutes to fill in a few questions about your children’s digital habits to receive a tailored toolkit, packed full of resources to keep them safe on connected devices.

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We use your details to give you a resource pack tailored to your needs of keeping your children safe on connected devices. Read our privacy policy for more information on how we use your data.

Little Digital Helps Toolkit.

Question 1 of 9

How many children would you like us to give you advice for?


This information will tell us how many children you'd like to support online with the tips and advice you'll receive within the Little Digital Helps Toolkit.

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How old are they?

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This will help us tailor the information to your child’s age. You can also choose to enter a nickname for your child so we can reference this throughout the form. This may be helpful if you are entering responses for more than one child.

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Do any of the following apply to your child(ren)?
  • They are registered disabled;
  • They are registered as having special educational needs or disabilities;
  • They have an Education Health and Care Plan

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This will help us to provide you with bespoke resources that you can use to support your child if they have this disability. Simply select which child(ren) this applies to.

Question 4 of 9

What type of connected devices does your child(ren) use?

To give you support on how to apply parental controls and safety settings featured on the devices your children use.

Question 5 of 9

What mobile network or broadband provider do you use?

To provide guidance on safety features on the mobile and broadband networks you use to connect to the internet.

Question 6 of 9

What do they mostly do online?

To give you insight into the activities that your child is doing, from the watch-outs to practical steps to make sure they are safe online.

Question 7 of 9

What apps, platforms or games do they mostly use?

This will allow us to give you guidance on how to apply the safety settings that are featured in the apps, and learn more about how they work and what to watch out for.

Question 8 of 9

Do you have any specific concerns when it comes to the online safety of your child(ren)?

To give you insights about the issue(s) you are concerned about, and practical tips on how to prevent it from happening or deal with it if it does.

Question 9 of 9

What type of activities would you like to support your child(ren) with online?

To provide you with tips to help your children make the most of connected technology and build up skills that contribute to their wellbeing.

What is it?

Created with our partner Tesco Mobile, this is a one-stop shop for all the things you need to set controls and privacy settings on new and old devices that your children use, with plenty of advice on how to deal with online risks. We’ve also made sure to include tips on how to make the most of their digital world, based on what they like to do.

Look inside

Here is an outline of what you’ll be asked in the Toolkit to help us provide you with your personalised plan.

How does it work?

About my children

In order to understand a little a bit about your children, we need some information about how old they are. As children do different things at different ages and stages, this helps us to make sure we give you advice that is more relevant to their age.

Also, from our research, we know that children with SEN may need a little extra information to support their needs online so if you tell us about this, we can offer bespoke resources too.

About my devices

To give you guidance on how to make the best use of safety settings on your devices, we need to know what devices you have and which networks you use.

What my kids do online

To provide you with some simple but practical guidance on what your children do online, we ask questions around their online activities and which apps and platforms they use.

Online safety concerns

In this section, we will offer ways to protect and deal with online safety risks, and stop them from turning into harm.

Opportunities online

It's also important not to forget what children can do to benefit from connected technology. From here, we can give you tips based on what you tell us your children are interested in.