Nintendo Switch

Controls & Settings guide

To manage your child’s safety on the console, there is a bespoke free app that you can use, that links to the device and enables you to set restrictions on the console directly.

What do I need?

A Nintendo account (email address/Password)

Restrictions you can apply

icon Browser Access
icon Chatting
icon Game Ratings
icon Inappropriate content
icon Timer

Step by Step instructions


Head to the ‘System Settings’ option on the main screen, either in handheld or docked mode.


Scroll down the left-hand bar to the Parental Controls option and click (or tap if you are using the touchscreen). Click on the Parental Control Settings, the highlighted box on the right-hand side of the screen.


This will open a page that offers two options: you can either set simple parental controls by restricting the gameplay by age, so only games of a certain rating can be played, or you can set more complex parental controls through a dedicated smartphone app for iPhone or Android.


If you choose to restrict gameplay on the console itself, you can set the age limits of different features, such as the games and whether the user can post screengrabs taken on the Switch on social networks. Communication with other players can also be restricted.

It is possible to link your Nintendo account with a child’s Nintendo Switch profile, so they can purchase games from the online Nintendo eShop. If you have that option installed, you can also restrict those. The instructions are on the Switch in that case.


Restrict levels available to choose are Teen, Child, Young Child or you can customise the options yourself.


You can also set options through the Nintendo Switch Parental Controls app for iPhone and Android. Download it from your relevant app store on your smartphone and follow the instructions on screen.

You will need to link it to your Nintendo Account and the Switch through a code that is sent. It is very simple to follow.


Once linked, you can not only use the app to set the content restrictions as per the options on the console itself, you can also use it to set the amount of play time a child can have. The console will not let them past the period determined.

This can also be set per profile as you can set-up different profiles on the Nintendo Switch itself. This is done when the console is first used. Alternatively, you can add new “Users” in the ‘System Settings’ under the “User” tab.