Expert Advice: Are you oversharing on social media?

By Sue Scheff on

Life is full of potential addictions; you don’t have to look too far to find them. When teens consider the concept of addiction, they likely think about cigarettes and substance abuse, but oversharing on social media doesn’t always register as a cause for concern. Oversharing is difficult to self-diagnose, so it takes support from friends … Continued

Preparing for the most shared Christmas ever

By Internet Matters Team on

In the same time that it takes to cook your turkey, over 1.3 billion photos will be shared online. This fun fact highlights the need to encourage young people to share safely and discuss the risks of over-sharing online. Whether it’s presents under the tree, mulled wine, mince pies or a favourite family anecdote, Christmas … Continued

Age verification law proposed for websites to keep out under 18s

By John Carr on

The United Kingdom is on the verge of becoming the first democratic country in the world to restrict access to online pornography by requiring commercial pornography websites to introduce age verification to keep out under 18s. This will apply even to the so-called “free” sites. Any that fail to introduce age verification can be fined … Continued

Parent stories: Post…like someone is watching

By Jacinta Zechariah on

Managing a child's digital life can be quite a delicate balancing act for parents to do. Jacinta, Mum of three shares her experience to help others who may also be going through the same digital parenting challenges. We live in a digital age and can't help being connected - to devices that is. In fact, … Continued

Expert advice on how to encourage children to share safely online

By Expert Panel on

The internet offers children a great place to share their lives with friends and family but it is increasing important to make sure they know how to do it safely. In this article experts give advice on questions surrounding oversharing, monitoring what children share online and the safest social platforms for children. Experts answer questions … Continued

Working together to help children tackle bullying

By Vic Goddard on

Empowering young people to stand up to all forms of bullying calls for parents, carers and teachers to collectively use their power to support them. Vic Goddard shares insight as a teacher and parent on what practical things we can do to give them that support. I have been lucky enough to be a teacher … Continued