Back to the basics for digital families

By Dr. Elizabeth Milovidov, Esq on

Parenting in the digital age may sometimes seem daunting, but parents can be effective supporters for their children and young people by remembering the basics: balance and boundaries and critical thinking and communication. Balance and boundaries Earlier this year, the UK Chief Medical Officers put out a commentary on screen balance and stated that “Even … Continued

Momo Challenge – what parents should know about online crazes

By Andy Robertson on

What is the Momo Challenge? Momo Challenge is the latest in a series of chain-letter viral stories. It’s arresting because of the disturbing image that represents the Momo character. The image comes from Midori Hayashi, a Japanese doll artist not associated with the game. Players who want to take part search online for a number … Continued

How to make social media work for your child

By Internet Matters Team on

Although social media can expose children to digital challenges, it can also be a great tool to help them build a positive digital footprint that will serve them for years to come.  In this article, we've identified five ways you can make social media work for your child. What are the positive aspects of social … Continued

Should children play Doki Doki Literature Club?

By Andy Robertson on

Following the warnings surrounding the Anime 'dating game' Doki Doki Literature Club game,  our games expert Andy Robertson offers detailed insight on how it works and gives examples of alternatives games that offer positive benefits to help manage wellbeing and mental health. Doki Doki Literature Club! (link: is a game for PC and Mac. … Continued

Gaming disorder – what you need to know

By Andy Robertson on

With recent news of gaming addiction becoming a recognised disorder, our games experts Andy Robertson looks at what this means for young people, the NHS and the future of gaming. A lot has been said about WHO proposing to add Gaming Disorder to ICD-11. It’s an important debate and crucial issue for parents of children … Continued

My child wants to be a vlogger, is it safe?

By Dr Tamasine Preece on

Is your child longing to join the wave of young teens and pre-teens vlogging about their lives and favourite pastimes? If so, it's important to make sure they are aware of what they may encounter and what the benefits and risks are. Dr Tamasine Preece shares insight on this and more. What should I consider … Continued

Kids tech trends to watch out for in 2018

By Andy Robertson on

Keeping on top of the latest tech crazes that children are into can be difficult at the best of times. To give you a helping hand, family technology expert Andy Robertson shares his top tech trends for 2018. The families I work with on my Patreon project often ask me what trends to watch out for. … Continued

Cookies – a new play inspired by real stories about key online issues

By Internet Matters Team on

As part of the Cyberscene project, The Theatre Royal Haymarket Masterclass Trust and Kidscape present Cookies - a play inspired by true online stories of 120 students. It follows seven teenagers dealing with the effects of sexting, radicalisation and cyberbullying. In a world of gaming, vlogging, instant messaging and streaming, the online and offline worlds of seven teenagers collide … Continued

Police provide cyberbullying and online harassment support guide

By Internet Matters Team on

To help victims of cyberbullying and online harassment West Mercia and Warwickshire Police have created great support guides for parents and children. Working together with us and a number of charities, schools, caring professionals, and other partners, they have also launched a campaign '#BeCyberSmart' - to raise awareness of the serious consequences online bullying can … Continued

Get your child involved in Pupil Voice Week 2017

By Internet Matters Team on

Coordinated by tootoot, pupil voice week is designed to encourage primary and secondary schools to raise awareness of key issues, such as bullying, cyberbullying, racism, mental health and e-safety issues that children and young people may face on a daily basis. Alongside teachers, social workers, councils, companies and policymakers we'd like to encourage you as … Continued

Sharenting: 5 tips to keeps your kids safe online

By Cat Coode on

We all love to share our children's quirky, funny and memorable moments online but have you thought about how to do it safely? Cat Coode, draws on her own experience and gives some practical tips to share safely. Of all the jobs I have ever had, by far the most difficult, confusing, exhausting AND rewarding … Continued

How will GDPR affect you and your child?

By John Carr on

E-safety expert John Carr explains what the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) means for you and your child and their safety online. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is an EU measure which becomes law in May 2018. Any country that wants to be able to send or receive data across EU boundaries is going … Continued

The apps teens use: How to start a dialogue

By Cat Coode on

How do you talk to your child about what they do online? Are you strict about what they should and shouldn't do? According to Cat Coode of Binary Tattoo, the first step is to start a conversation with them and agree boundaries together. There is a lot of advice out there about how parents should handle … Continued

Kidscape Radio 4 Appeal with David Walliams

By Internet Matters Team on

On 6th August, author and comedian David Walliams will be highlighting the dangers posed for young people online in a charity appeal on BBC Radio 4, on behalf of the charity Kidscape. He will explain the ways in which Kidscape can help parents, grandparents and other adults support children and young people in navigating this territory. … Continued

Be the Change! Childnet’s Film Competition 2017

By Internet Matters Team on

We were amazed to see such great talent on show at Childnet’s Film Competition 2017 held at the prestigious British Film Institute in London. Each year hundreds of primary and secondary schools and youth organisations across the UK submit their internet safety films to the Childnet Film Competition to gain the chance to see their films shown at a private screening … Continued

Wishbone App – What parents need to know

By Dr Tamasine Preece on

To help parents who've raised concerns that their children are receiving unsolicited messages on wishbone app, we've compile expert tips on how to keep them safe on the app. About the App Launched in 2015 Wishbone describes itself as "the go-to for comparing anything your heart desires," with over 3.1  million active monthly users globally. It … Continued

How are YouTubers influencing children?

By Dr Tamasine Preece on

Dr Tamasine Preece gives insight about the power that YouTubers now have on children who look to them for advice on issues they're most concerned about. Many of the concerns regarding YouTube are not dissimilar from those expressed towards other sites such as Facebook, Instagram and SnapChat. Content can often include strong language and problematic … Continued

Insight on new digital literacy report & impacts on the curriculum

By John Carr on

E-safety expert John Carr reflects on the House of Lords Communications Committee report 'Growing up with the internet' and highlights the importance of making the internet a safer place for children. Thoughts on the report “Growing up on the Internet” was published earlier this week by the House of Lords Communications Committee. The Committee Chair … Continued

How do you rate age ratings on apps?

By John Carr on

A simple enough question? Have a closer look. David Wright, UKSIC Director, and e-safety expert John Carr discuss the importance of making ratings clear to keep children safe on apps. Age ratings on films, games and more Most people are familiar with age ratings for films. That’s not surprising.  In the UK they have been … Continued

What parents need to know about ‘digital self-harm’

By Dr. Linda Papadopoulos on

Dr Linda offers advice on how digital platforms are now being used by teens as to self-harm ‘digitally’ and what parents can do to support their children through it. It is estimated that about 1 in 10 people self-harm (source: Royal College of Psychiatrists) but this is probably an underestimation as many people do not … Continued

Selfies and self-esteem: Expert advice for parents

By Expert Panel on

Images shared online can have a powerful effect on how young people interact with each other on and offline. With an estimated 2.5 trillion images shared in 2016, we ask our experts to give advice on issues that children may face when posting images online and how parents can support them. Experts answer questions from … Continued

Expert Advice: Are you oversharing on social media?

By Sue Scheff on

Life is full of potential addictions; you don’t have to look too far to find them. When teens consider the concept of addiction, they likely think about cigarettes and substance abuse, but oversharing on social media doesn’t always register as a cause for concern. Oversharing is difficult to self-diagnose, so it takes support from friends … Continued

Preparing for the most shared Christmas ever

By Internet Matters Team on

In the same time that it takes to cook your turkey, over 1.3 billion photos will be shared online. This fun fact highlights the need to encourage young people to share safely and discuss the risks of over-sharing online. Whether it’s presents under the tree, mulled wine, mince pies or a favourite family anecdote, Christmas … Continued

Age verification law proposed for websites to keep out under 18s

By John Carr on

The United Kingdom is on the verge of becoming the first democratic country in the world to restrict access to online pornography by requiring commercial pornography websites to introduce age verification to keep out under 18s. This will apply even to the so-called “free” sites. Any that fail to introduce age verification can be fined … Continued

How I encourage my children to share safely online

By Nova Gowers on

How do you get children to apply the 'think before you post' mantra to keep them safe? With children ranging from 22 years old to 9 years old, Nova Gowers shares how she encourages her family to share safely on online. As a mother of five children, whose ages range from 9 years to 22 … Continued

Parent stories: Post…like someone is watching

By Jacinta Zechariah on

Managing a child's digital life can be quite a delicate balancing act for parents to do. Jacinta, Mum of three shares her experience to help others who may also be going through the same digital parenting challenges. We live in a digital age and can't help being connected - to devices that is. In fact, … Continued

Parent shares questions kids should answer before posting

By Emma Vanstone on

If your children are just on the edge of getting their own devices or have started sharing online, Emma Vanstone, social media savvy Mum of three, outlines key questions she asks her children to answer before sharing online. Questions that children should consider before sharing online My children ( 9, 8 and 6 ) don't … Continued

Expert advice on how to encourage children to share safely online

By Expert Panel on

The internet offers children a great place to share their lives with friends and family but it is increasing important to make sure they know how to do it safely. In this article experts give advice on questions surrounding oversharing, monitoring what children share online and the safest social platforms for children. Experts answer questions … Continued

What I do to encourage my child to share safely online

By Victoria Welton on

The online world can give children a number of opportunities but it is just as important to give them the confidence to take advantage of these safely. Mum and blogger Victoria Welton gives insight into what she does to help her child share safely online. Getting used to oversharing culture I am the eldest of seven … Continued

Working together to help children tackle bullying

By Vic Goddard on

Empowering young people to stand up to all forms of bullying calls for parents, carers and teachers to collectively use their power to support them. Vic Goddard shares insight as a teacher and parent on what practical things we can do to give them that support. I have been lucky enough to be a teacher … Continued

How I use my ‘Power for Good’ as a mum and teacher

By Emma Bradley on

To shine a light on how parents can use their 'Power for Good', mum of three and teacher Emma Bradley shares how she is using her power to help her children deal with bullying. Having been doing this parenting stuff for almost 17 years I feel that I have experienced most things. Couple that with … Continued

Hate crimes on social media face harsher punishment

By Internet Matters Team on

As of this month the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) will use its new guidance to decide on whether a range of hate crimes on social media (such as trolling) will lead to prosecution. This new social media guidance will help prosecutors make clear that those who encourage others to participate in online harassment campaigns - … Continued

Experts offer advice on parental concerns on cyberbullying

By Expert Panel on

Parenting in the digital age brings a new set of challenges that include issues such as cyberbullying. To help parents understand the issue and support their children, our panel of experts have given advice on concerns that parents have about online bullying. Expert answer questions from parents on cyberbullying click on image to see advice Julia von Weiler … Continued

How to start a conversation about cyberbullying with your child

By Expert Panel on

The internet and social media have changed the way children experience bullying. We’ve asked our panel of experts their advice to help you prepare them for what they might encounter online and begin a conversation to deal with cyberbullying should it happen. Expert share tips to start a conversation about cyberbullying click on image to … Continued

Expert advice on key e-safety concerns as kids head back to school

By Expert Panel on

Weeks into the first term of school, your child may still be settling into back to school mode. Helping them to manage the many firsts they will experience can be challenging, especially with the added digital nature of their lives. To help you give them the confidence to navigate key online issues they may face, our … Continued

Get your child involved in Pupil Voice Week

By Internet Matters Team on

Coordinated by tootoot, pupil voice week is designed to encourage primary and secondary schools to raise awareness of key issues, such as bullying, cyberbullying, racism, mental health and e-safety issues that children and young people may face on a daily basis. Alongside teachers, social workers, councils, companies and policy makers we'd like to encourage you … Continued

Enter the Anti-Bullying Week calendar competition

By Internet Matters Team on

As proud supporters of this year's Anti-Bullying Week 2016, we'd like to encourage parents and teachers to get children under 16 involved in this artwork calendar competition. The Anti-bullying Alliance (ABA) who coordinate Anti-Bullying Week, have joined forces with 'A Place To Hang Your Cape' (AP2HYC) to bring you some brand new superheroes for a … Continued

How can we make the digital world a safer place?

By Carolyn Bunting on

Keeping our children safe online is one of the most pressing issues of the modern age. But as children using the web and social media get younger, how can we help them manage the risks effectively? Back in April, a 12 and 13 year old were arrested by Lancashire police for the possession of indecent … Continued

A who’s who of popular apps

By Hilary Smith on

Do you know which apps your children are using? Many parents struggle to keep up with the evolving nature of the new apps that children are using. To give you a quick whistle-stop tour of the latest apps, Hilary Smith shares insight on the up and coming apps of the moment. Today, children are able … Continued

Supporting families to safeguard loved ones from radicalisation

By Johnathan Russell on

Approaching the issue of radicalisation with a child can be difficult and complex for any parent to do. In this article, Jonathan Russel of Quilliam gives some practical advice about how to start the conversation and ways that families can help. Having a conversation about the issue In many ways, important taboos have been broken. Dad’s … Continued

What parents need to know about Pokémon Go mobile game

By Internet Matters Team on

The launch of Pokémon Go earlier this month has captured the imagination of millions, inspiring many to take to the streets to play what could be seen as the future of gaming - 'Augmented Reality' (AR) - effectively merging the real world with the digital world. To help parents get a better understanding of this … Continued

How social media and the internet is helping teens

By Seun Oshinaike on

In this article Catarina Dias & Seun Oshinaike, Co-founders of Silent Secret, a social community for young people to share their thoughts, feelings, secrets, news and lifestyle by posting anonymously, explore the benefits that the internet and social media can offer young people. The Internet is one of the most significant and remarkable inventions of all time. … Continued

Digital Doormen don’t ask for ID

By Ghislaine Bombusa on

Journalist and parenting writer Olivia Gordon compares the ease at which children are able to access social media platforms underage as there being 'no bouncers on the door' and advises on what you can do as a parent to help them manage the risks. Age verification on social media A generation ago, parents worried about … Continued

5 Keys to Parenting in the Digital World

By Dr. Elizabeth Milovidov, Esq on

To help parents deal with some of the issues that they may face when parenting in digital world, Dr. Elizabeth Milovidov, Esq gives some great tips on how to approach these and get the best out of the opportunities the internet offers. Parenting today presents a separate set of challenges as parents and carers grapple with issues related to … Continued

Working together to get the best out of the net

By Alan Ralph on

In this article, Professor Alan Ralph of Triple P discusses the importance of a parent’s role in shaping their children's journey online and gives tips on what they can do to help them make smart choice. We hear so much about online risks that we can lose sight of the opportunities. But in fact, by working together … Continued

Help kids to rise above the social media feeding frenzy

By Alan Ralph on

We’re now used to the idea that we should be monitoring our child’s social media accounts. But as well as looking at what’s being posted, are you also talking to your child about the pressure to be popular online? Competing to see who has the most friends or followers, and which posts or pictures get … Continued

Parents share social media concerns

By Ghislaine Bombusa on

Posting tweets and sharing snaps on social media has become the norm for most teens and some tweens to stay connected to each other and share their daily experiences. Although social media offers a great space for children to  build friendships with people they know in the real world, there are risks that they need … Continued

Radicalisation of young people through social media

By Sajda Mughal OBE on

Sajda Mughal OBE of JAN Trust provides an insight into how social media and other platforms are being used to radicalise young people and gives some key tips on what parents can do to protect their children from this online threat. The UK Government has identified extremism as ‘one of the greatest threats we [the UK] … Continued

Playing an active role in a child’s online social world

By Prof. Emma Bond on

‘Don’t talk to strangers!” is a phrase that most parents will be familiar with from their own childhoods.  What they are probably less familiar with, however, is what advice to give their children about talking to strangers online, especially when ‘strangers’ are actually on their children’s online friends list. Parenting children who are growing up … Continued

Stay safe online with BBC resources

By Internet Matters Team on

In addition to joining us to help more families stay safe online, the BBC have created a number of great resources that will help you and your child get the best online experience on their platforms and beyond. BBC iWonder Guide As part of our new partnership with the BBC, we've worked together to create … Continued

Google online safety resources for families

By Internet Matters Team on

To help families stay safe online, Google is supporting us to get parents more engaged in their children digital lives. There are a number of ways that Google is already giving families a helping hand to stay safe online. From its Safety Centre to the Internet Legends programme, there are many ways that Google can … Continued

Managing a child’s internet use as they grow

By John Carr on

Giving children freedom to explore while keeping them safe online can be a delicate balancing act. In this article, John Carr OBE talks through some things that parents can do to mentor their child through the discovery of digital world. There are many important milestones in a child’s life that parents have concerns about dealing … Continued

Tech trends: Tablets for children

By Peter Jenkinson on

Are you on the verge of buying a tablet for your child or would like to know what tablets you should consider for your child? Tech expert Peter Jenkinson discusses this rising trend and gives and highlights some child-friendly tablet to consider. You’d be forgiven for thinking that there were unknown forces at work when … Continued

Five parental control apps to keep your child safe online

By Britta O’Boyle on

If you have an android device and are looking for an app to help keep your child safe online, Britta O'Boyle of Pocket-lint list five great apps to help you do just that. The internet is a fantastic source of information. Whether you use it for social media, researching or cheating on the pub quiz, … Continued

Buying an Amazon Kindle for your kids: Important things to remember

By Rik Henderson on

If you're thinking of buying your child a Kindle eBook, Rik Henderson of Pocket-lint has some great tips on how to set it up before you hand your child their new gadget. Although it will never really replace paper books as a tangible alternative for a child, Amazon’s Kindle eBook reader has plenty of features that are … Continued

iPads and iPhones get more family friendly with new update

By Rik Henderson on

If like many you use your iPad or iPhone to entertain or educate your family, Rik Henderson of Pocket-lint highlights some new features to watch out for that could enhance your experience. Apple is set to release a software update for your device that will add a few new functions that we have tried successfully … Continued

Need help managing kids screen time? The Forest App can help

By Rik Henderson on

If you're worried about how much time your little one is spending on their gadget, Rik Henderson of Pocket-lint, offers up the Forest App as a helpful tool. There’s no doubt that smartphones and tablets have become an essential part of our daily lives. Our family’s too, with children thrilled to while away hours on educational … Continued

Managing a teen’s digital life: tips for parents

By Luke Roberts on

Parenting in an age where children are using multiple devices in the home and social media has become so common among teens, can be difficult to navigate. In this article, Luke Roberts shares tips on how parents of teens can strike the right balance between keeping them safe and nurturing their curiosity. There are always … Continued

Challenges of parenting in the digital age

By Luke Roberts on

For parents there is the age old question, 'what will my child do in the future?' Luke Roberts discusses the changing landscape of the job market in the digital age. The changing landscape of the job market In the 20th century, encouraging children to be lawyers, doctors or engineers would have been the ideal future that most … Continued

Things to consider when giving children their first smartphone

By Vodafone on

Does your primary schooler want their first mobile phone? Has your teenager got their eye on the latest smartphone? Vodafone looks at some of the things to consider before you hand over a shiny new device. Is my child ready for a smartphone? There’s no minimum age limit for mobile phones; it’s a personal decision. Many … Continued

Best smart tech toys for Christmas

By Rik Henderson on

Many of the toys that’ll be big hits this Christmas are smart or connected in some way. They either connect to iPhone, iPad or Android applications, which enhance the experience somewhat, or use some other clever technology to take old toy ideas into the future. Here are some of the best connected and smart toys … Continued

Keeping your child safe while they play online games

By Keir McDonald on

A guide to understanding online games, their social implications and cyberbullying. If your child plays online role playing games, then you might be wondering what they are getting up to for hours and hours on end. This article aims to shed some light on the vast and complex world of online role playing games (RPGs). … Continued

Children, privacy and the internet

By John Carr on

John Carr examines the privacy concerns that arise when a child's personal information is collected by sites or images are shared by parents online. The high value of data collection “Data is the new oil” is now commonly accepted as a defining characteristic of the internet age. What this means is that information about internet … Continued

Ways to help your child stop being a cyberbully

By Internet Matters Team on

As a parent, it can be difficult to accept that your child may be exhibiting bullying behaviour towards their peers.  Although it may be difficult to understand why a child would be mean online, there are things that you could do to help them address the behaviour in a positive way. The first step is … Continued

Understanding the impact of sexting on a child’s mind

By Catherine Knibbs on

Catherine Knibbs explains the psychology behind the growing use of sexting among young people and gives tips on what parents can do to help their children. Do you remember your school days when the latest trend (usually visible like bags, trainers or haircuts) meant that you felt like you belonged? As a highly simplistic explanation … Continued

Help! My child is the cyberbully

By Lauren Seager-Smith on

Anti-Bullying Alliance's Lauren Seager-Smith discusses what parents should do in the eventuality they find out their child is cyberbullying someone else. Your mobile rings – it’s your son’s Headteacher calling to say your child has been involved in a bullying incident. Your heart starts beating, faster. Your sense of indignation and anger rises. Who could … Continued

iRights – righting some Internet wrongs

By Carolyn Bunting on

An introduction to the iRights initiative that aims to secure digital rights for young people to access technology "creatively, knowledgeably and fearlessly". What the iRights initiative means for children, parents and the tech companies… For over a year now, the Internet Matters team has been on a mission to get parents educated about technology to … Continued

Islamification, children, and the undernet

By Nazir Afzal on

With tablets and smartphones now the devices of choice for ever younger children, John discusses what parents should know about keeping children safe on new technology and how to safeguard their online reputation.

Online pornography research prompts reaction from NSPCC and Childline

By John Carr on

John Carr discusses the latest research to come out about children watching porn, and the responses of Childline and the NSPCC who’re working to combat the dangers. John also discusses some of the things that parents can do to combat the risks such as setting your parental controls and filters.

E-safety principles for parents

By Ghislaine Bombusa on

Parents are right to want to find out more about the online world that their children inhabit. For all the wonderful things that can be seen and learnt online, there are undoubtedly risks to spending time immersed in that world. Keeping children safe can be a challenge for even the most attentive parent. Ian Skeels highlights some of the basic e-safety principles we, as parents, should be thinking about.

Tablet security: what parents should know

By Ghislaine Bombusa on

If you’re concerned about your children accessing unsuitable content or don’t want them to have full run of a device, there are parental control features that can be used to restrict how a tablet or smartphone is used.

Why is cyberbullying awareness so important for tackling bullying?

By Lauren Seager-Smith on

Bullying today is not what it used to be. With the internet and its endless possibilities, the online world had become an extension of the offline (‘real’) world. Here’s some advice to parents on how to stay ahead of the game when it comes to online bullying and how to make the online world a better place for your children.

Is your child a target or a cyberbully?

By Alex Holmes on

It can be upsetting for parents when a child tells you they’re being bullied online, but this article stresses the importance of not rushing into the situation, and making sure you have all the facts first. Your reaction can be one of the most important moments in understanding and solving the problem, so make sure you consider carefully how to proceed with the situation.

NSPCC Flaw in the Law campaign

By Ghislaine Bombusa on

The new NSPCC ‘Flaw in the Law’ campaign urges every member of the public to sign their online petition to change a flaw in the current law. ‘Flaw in the Law’ calls for it to be made illegal for an adult to send sexual messages to children.

What the celebrity iCloud photos hack teaches parents

By Ghislaine Bombusa on

Apple’s iCloud hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons, as private photos of celebrities were taken from their personal accounts by hackers and posted online for all to see. But how does a few unfortunate celebrities being targeted by hackers have any bearing on your day-to-day life as a parent?

Staying safe online: parental control software

By Ghislaine Bombusa on

Parental control software can help keep kids safe online and, by summer 2014, all the major broadband providers will offer network-level filtering software. This article takes a look at how the free parental controls on offer from the UK’s four big ISPs and others work.

Lost in cyberspace: How long do children spend online?

By Ghislaine Bombusa on

With the increase in sales of laptops and smartphones, the Telegraph asked six 12-year-olds how much time they spend in front of a screen. This series of short interviews describes the variety of activities that children undertake online and the different approaches taken by their parents. It highlights the fact that children are all individuals, and that for most, media consumption is a part, not all, of life. An interesting read for all parents.

How much time is appropriate?

By Ghislaine Bombusa on

How much time is it all right that my child spend watching TV? How long should I let my child play on the weekend? How late is it normal for teenagers to surf the net? This article examines how parents can take a balanced approach to their children’s usage of media as a whole.

What is social life?

By Ghislaine Bombusa on

The perception of what constitutes friendship, social life and reality may be completely different from one generation to the next. This short article examines the changing nature of ‘socialising’.