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Understanding self-harm

Self-harm is often understood to be a physical response to an emotional pain of some kind and can be very addictive.

As children’s use of the online world grows, increasing mental health issues such as self-harm are taking a different form online. Children are now actively seeking abuse online as a way to self-harm.

If you suspect that your child is self-harming or you’d simply like more advice to stay informed on the issue, the advice hub will provide insight from our expert panel and advice on which organisations are available to give you and your child one-to-one support.

Latest resources and expert advice

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Expert article: What parents need to know about ‘digital self-harm’

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Contact Young Minds Parents Helpline for one-to-one support

Advice from parents and young people

A film by Young Minds where Parents and young people share their experiences 

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Learn about Self-harm

Understand the risks that children may face online to offer the right support

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Protect your child

See advice to give children the right tools to challenge extremism online and build their digital resilience

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Deal with it

Learn strategies of how to address radicalisation and where to seek help if you are concerned

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See a list of organisations that can support you and your child

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See parents and carers guide created by the University of Oxford to help parents, carers, other family members and friends cope when a young person is self-harming

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