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Twitch TV

Through the use of a Parental Controls PIN you can tailor/restrict Internet Browsing, Nintendo 3DS Shopping Services, Display of 3D images, Sharing Images/Audio/Video, Online Interaction, StreetPass, Friend Registration, and DS Download Play.

What do I need?

A account (email address/Password)

Restrictions you can apply

Inappropriate content

Game ratings




Browser access


Social Networking

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Step by Step Instructions


Go to and click ‘sign in’.


Log in to twitch account using your email address and password. If you haven’t got an account click the ‘Sign up’ button.


Choose a PIN code to ensure that your child cannot change your chosen settings. You will be asked to enter the PIN twice to confirm.


Once logged in, select the drop-down menu at the top right corner of the browser and select ‘settings’


Click on the ‘Security & Privacy’ tab.


Under Privacy, you can tick the boxes which block messages and whispers from strangers.


If streaming your own videos, next go to the ‘Channel & Videos’ tab.


Under AutoMod Rulesets, select and move the slider to the right to increase moderation of content from other members on the chat box.


Under Blocked List box you can insert specific phrases and words you want to be blocked on the chat.


Next you can tick the boxes to block external links posted by other users, email verification and list rules you want other users to abide by. End by clicking on ‘Save’ button.

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