Fall Guys parental controls

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Fall Guys is a free massive multiplayer battle royale obstacle course game from Epic Games. With a PEGI 3 rating, it is accessible for all ages. Follow our step-by-step guidance for managing chat options, hiding usernames, limiting spending and more to help your child understand online safety.

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What do I need?

An Epic Games account and access to gaming device

Restrictions you can apply

icon Chatting
icon In App purchasing
icon Inappropriate content
icon Online games
icon Privacy and identity theft
icon Purchasing

Step by Step instructions


Where to manage party chat settings

If your child is over 13, they have immediate access to party (group) voice chat in Fall Guys. Your child must join a party to participate. This allows them to talk with other players via headset. However, to keep them safe, it’s recommended that you set up restrictions in-game.

To manage in-game party voice chat settings:

Step 1 – Once in game on the main menu, select the gear icon in the top right corner. On PC, you can hit the ESC key instead.
Step 2 – Select AUDIO on the left and scroll to PARTY VOICE CHAT. Toggle to on/off. If you turn it on, make sure you set settings in the Epic Game Store to limit communication with Friends only.


How to hide usernames

During a Fall Guys game, users can view other players’ names and the system they play on. While usernames are generally moderated, you may wish to hide them in case some are rude or inappropriate.

To hide usernames:

While playing a game on Fall Guys, users can toggle others’ usernames off by simply following the instructions on screen. This might vary depending on device but can be found in the top corner.


How to report someone

Other players in Fall Guys may cheat, have offensive names or otherwise impact upon your child’s game in a negative way. However, you can report the player to stop their behaviour and to provide the developers with feedback.

To report a user:

Step 1 – Your child can report others during a game as a player or in spectator mode after being eliminated. The current players’ names are in the bottom corner of the screen. Select the player you wish to report.
Step 2 – On the pop-up, double check that the correct player is selected. Choose an option to report them for and select SUBMIT.

Show your child how to use this feature and explore Fall Guys’ Rules of Conduct to help them understand what to look out for.


Where to limit in-game spending

Like most modern online games, especially ‘free’ ones, the video game developers further fund Fall Guys by selling items within the game.

Setting parental controls in-game and through the console or device can help ensure children aren’t overspending.

Understanding in-game purchases:

Step 1 – From the main menu, select the shopping trolley at the top of the screen.
Step 2 – Fall Guys uses Show-Bucks as its currency. Users can purchase items and passes to access some content. Select SHOW-BUCKS to explore local costs.
Step 3 – Once you select a Show-Bucks package, hold or select the CONFIRM button. This will bring you to the payment screen. If you have added your credit/debit card and if you have not set up parental controls, your child can make purchases here.

Learn how to set a PIN for any purchase with the Epic Games Store parental controls guide.


What to know about cabined accounts

Fall Guys accounts for players under 13-years-old will be limited to cabined accounts until parents give permission for additional features.

What are cabined accounts?

Cabined accounts allow children to play Fall Guys and other games from Epic Games with limited features. They can access all previously purchased content but cannot talk to other players, make new purchases or receive any notifications among other limitations.

Parents must consent to allow their child access to these limitations.

Learn how to give parental consent with step-by-step guidance.


More parental controls

Parental controls come in three forms: platform-specific, store-specific and game-specific. For guidance on setting parental controls on consoles or in stores, see the below.

Platforms and consoles

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