EE Home Broadband

Controls & Settings guide

As part of EE’s Home Broadband package, use Norton Family parental control software to monitor a child’s devices and set age-appropriate rules for their online activity.

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What do I need?

My EE account username and password and access to device connected to EE Home broadband.

Restrictions you can apply

icon Apps Access
icon Browser Access
icon Chatting
icon File Sharing & Hacking
icon In App purchasing
icon Inappropriate content
icon Parental control
icon Phishing & Malware Infected Sites
icon Pornography & Adult
icon Search enginges
icon Sharing Data
icon Sharing location
icon Social networking
icon Suicide & Self-harm

Step by Step instructions


If you’re new to EE broadband you’ll get the option to download Norton™ Family when you first connect to the internet. Choose I Need Parental Controls to sign up for, and download Norton™ Family to your devices.


If you are an existing EE customer, from a computer connected to EE Home broadband, go to the


Scroll down to ‘Easy to install‘ section and select Register and Download


On this page, select ‘subriscribe now’ and you’ll be asked to enter your details to complete the subscription and create your Norton™ Family account.

Once you’ve signed up, select ‘Agree and Download’ to install the software on the current device and select ‘Send a Download Link’ to send a link to install the software on more devices.


Once you have downloaded the software, select ‘Identity’ to add your children’s names to your account (up to 15). You can add and remove a child at any time. Based on their age Norton Family applies pre-defined rules to manage their online use.