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Protecting children’s data

Just like adults, children may be at risk of having their online identity stolen and misused.

It can be difficult to maintain a child’s privacy as they may not understand what information is safe to share online, or what default privacy settings are on the sites and devices they’re using.

Explore our advice hub to learn more about what practical tools you can use to stay in control of your child’s data online.

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Learn about ID theft & data

Understand the risks that children may face online to offer the right support

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Protect your child

See advice to give children the right tools to help children make smarter choices about what they share about themselves and others

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Deal with it

Get advice on how to support your child if their identity or data is stolen or misused

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See a list of organisations that can support you and your child

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Help children set the right privacy settings on the most popular apps children use with our set-up safe social media guides

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