How to manage the risks of online challenges

Viral online trends attract many children and teens. Most are harmless, but some challenges can be dangerous.

Find advice and resources from parents, online safety experts and organisations to keep children safe from dangerous online challenges.

What's in this guide?

Develop your understanding of online challenges and potential risks with the below resources. Choose where you'd like to start.

Quick tips to be challenge aware online

Pay attention to what your child talks about

Whether it's trying a new experiment they saw online or taking part in a challenge they heard about at school, listen for signs that the trend could lead to harm. This includes in conversations with their friends or with you.

Ask your child about the challenges they see

Avoid naming specific challenges as this can inspire children to learn more about them. However, you can ask your child whether they've seen or heard about any. Ask them whether the challenge is safe and what they could do to make it safer.

Stay informed about trends and challenges

Keep on top of news stories around challenges and trends. If you see something on social media or hear about it in the news, take time to explore the issue in more detail. Avoid worrying or panicking until you have more information.

Guidance for parents and carers

Download or print the online challenges guide to help prevent harm from potentially dangerous trends.

What will you do to tackle dangerous online challenges?
Ask your child about the latest trends they're chatting about
Have conversations about challenges your child has seen online
Read up more on online challenges
Something else

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Advice from parents

Learn how to protect your children from the risks of online challenges from mums Lisa Kenevan and Hollie Dance whose sons lost their lives after they were believed to have taken part in dangerous online challenges.

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Guidance for kids

Download this guide to share with children and teens so they can protect themselves from dangerous online challenges.

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Get support

If your child is harmed or comes across dangerous online challenges, or if you or your family have been affected by any of the issues raised, you can reach out to the following organisations.

Resources for teachers and schools

Find free lesson plans and resources to share with parents to help keep your students safe online.

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