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Twitter Safety

Twitter privacy and safety features can help protect your child from receiving abusive content and reporting incidence of online bullying or inappropriate content. It also gives them control over who can contact them and what personal data they share.

What do I need?

A Twitter account (username and password)

Restrictions you can apply

Inappropriate content



Step by Step Instructions


Go to the Twitter app on your child’s phone and click on their profile image to see the menu. Select the ‘Settings and Privacy’ option from the menu.


On the next menu, tap ‘Privacy and safety’.


Under ‘Tweets‘  make sure the option for ‘Protect your tweets‘ is ticked so that only followers and people you approve can see your child’s tweets.


Photo tagging – tap the text underneath to bring up the menu and set this to ‘Only people you follow can tag you’.


Direct Messages – tap the text to bring up the menu and make sure ‘Recieve message requests’ is unticked to make sure only people you follow can send direct messages to your child.


Live video – Ensure this option is left unticked if you do not want your child to live stream on the platform.


Discoverability and contacts – Make sure these options are unticked if you do not want people to find your child on the platform using your child’s phone number or email address.


Safety – Ensure ‘Display media that may contain sensitive content‘ is unticked to ensure your child doesn’t see inappropriate content. You can also manage the list of people your child has blocked, muted and their list of muted words from here.


Reporting and blocking

To block a person, go to their Twitter profile click on the three buttons on the top of the screen and select ‘Block’ and they will no longer see your child’s account.

To report, select ‘report’ from the same menu and add the reason why you are reporting them.

To mute, so your child does not see their content, select mute from the menu.

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