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From Mojang Studios, Minecraft is popular among kids and teens and available across devices, including mobile, and systems. While you can set a range of parental controls on the devices they use, you can also use in-game safety settings to keep children safe online.

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What do I need?

Access to the gaming system and account your child uses.

Restrictions you can apply

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Step by Step instructions


How to add, mute, block or report players in-game

When in a game and you pause, you can add, mute, or report the player(s).

To add, mute, block or report someone:

Step 1 – While playing, access the options menu and select the player you wish to action.

Step 2 – Choose the relevant action and follow the in-game instructions.

What happens when you…

  • Add a player?: if you add a user, they will be able to join you when you’re playing in Minecraft worlds and will show up in your invite lists.
  • Mute a player?: when you mute someone, you won’t see any of their messages in the chat.
  • Block a player?: when you block someone, they can’t contact you at all. You also won’t see any of their messages or game invites.
  • Report a player?: reported messages are sent to Minecraft. Depending on the report, they can temporarily ban chat features, suspend the user from joining a game or services and more.

Where to set player permissions in-game

You can set custom permissions for each player in your world or Realm, or use pre-set permissions levels.

To set player permissions in-game:

Step 1 – While playing, pause the game and click on the player’s username.

Step 2 – Customise the permissions. You can limit the actions they can take like attacking others.


How to access family-friendly servers

You can access family-friendly servers with the help of volunteers who monitor the Minecraft world for any inappropriate language, inappropriate content and bullying. Websites like leahnieman.com maintain private servers that are family-friendly.

To access family-friendly servers:

Step 1 – From the above website or ones like it, find the server address for the one you would like to access. One example is Towncraft’s address, which is play.towncraft.us. Make note of the address you choose.

Step 2 – In Minecraft, from the main menu, select Multiplayer, read the message and Proceed.

Step 3 – The next screen will show all the servers your child has joined. You can delete any that are inappropriate and add new ones that you approve. Select Add Server.

Step 4 – Enter the Server Address in the bottom field and select Done. Select the new server and then choose Join Server. Your child can start playing within the server you’ve added.


Customise or turn off in-game chat

Minecraft parental controls aren’t just about limitations; the game also has settings to help make the chat more accessible for your child.

For younger children you may want to turn chat off, while older children might benefit from customised settings like a solid background behind the text.

To customise in-game chat settings:

Step 1 – From Minecraft’s main menu, select Options… and then Chat Settings…

Step 2 – Switch Chat to Commands Only or Hidden to protect your child from unexpected language or from oversharing.

Step 3 – Set Web Links and Prompt on Links to Off. This will mean they can’t receive links in-chat that could lead to scams like phishing.

Step 4 – Customise appearance of the text, colours and more to help support your child’s needs.


How to set up realms for your child and their friends

If you want to manage who can play on a server, Minecraft realms is a safe way to do this. You can set up realms for your child and up to 10 of their friends. However, you will need to purchase this.

To set up a realm:

Step 1 – From Minecraft’s main menu, select Minecraft Realms. Then, select Buy a realm!

Step 2 – In your device account, you will see the purchase options for the realm. You can choose a one-off purchase or a subscription. You may want to work with the parents of your child’s friends to spread the cost among each other for a collaborative way to keep your children safe on Minecraft.


Minecraft on YouTube

The Minecraft community is extremely active outside of the game. For instance, many players use YouTube to discuss their projects. It is worthwhile to add parental controls to your YouTube account if your child is a fan of Minecraft. See our YouTube parental controls guide to help.


Other parental controls

To set more limits around spending, screen time, chat and more, explore the following parental controls guides to keep your child safe on Minecraft.

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