BT Mobile

Controls & Settings guide

BT Mobile Parental Controls are set to ‘Light’ filter as default to block content only suitable for adults. You can apply ‘Strict’ setting to block adult content and unmoderated social networking sites, online dating and chat sites, or turn off the filter.

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What do I need?

A credit card to verify you’re over 18 and a BT Mobile account.

Restrictions you can apply

icon Anonymizers
icon Chatting
icon Inappropriate content

Step by Step instructions


Go to MyBT and log in using your BT ID and Password. If you haven’t got an account click the ‘Sign up’ button.


Scroll down to ‘Your package’ and click the mobile icon.


Then scroll down to ‘Parental Controls’ where you will what filters you have on or if you have turned off Parental Controls. Click ‘get started’ to activate, and once activated, you will then be able to change your filter level to suit your family.