A free online platform to teach online safety through interactive lessons and dynamic storytelling.
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What is Digital Matters?

Digital Matters is a free teaching resource helping children and parents understand online safety. It uses interactive activities and discussion points to dig into important online safety issues, and a choice-based story where children can practise their learnt skills with instant feedback.

Interactive Learning

Supported by the lesson plan, children are led through a number of quiz questions that ask them to use what they know or have learnt. Helpers support them with additional hints. After each set of questions, children can review the correct answers, and teachers or parents can have important discussions around the topic.

Once Upon Online

This choice-based story asks children to read each chapter and make choices to help characters reach positive endings. They feature diverse characters, immediate emotional feedback and every opportunity to make choices that get them out of negative situations. Children can redo this journey as many times as they like to try and find all  the different potential endings!

See how the Digital Matters platform works to engage young people in online safety lessons.
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Digital Matters is a free and comprehensive online learning platform for children in KS2. Both teachers and parents can work together to teach children key internet safety skills.

Following the Education for a Connected World framework, the platform aims to cover a range of subjects linked to online safety. Lessons that have gone through the PSHE Association‘s robust quality assurance process are identified by the quality mark logo.

“Well planned and resourced. Clear information on coverage of national curriculum and education for a connected world. I liked all of the options given to make the lessons more interesting”

Cheryl Brown

“An effective resource for the teaching of online safety.”

Stuart Rogers

“Useful and knowledgeable resource – as computing coordinator I am always trying to find new resources to keep it fresh”


Supported by ESET

ESET is a digital security company protecting millions of customers and thousands of businesses worldwide. We are dedicated to protecting the progress that technology enables, this of course includes our children’s safe progress through their digital lives, therefore we are happy to support the Digital Matters platform.

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