Google helps parents find “Expert Approved” apps in Google Play

Google’s new Expert Approved’ Badges feature on Google Play store to help parents find apps that are both entertaining and enriching for children.

New badge helps parents pick great child-friendly apps

To help parents with the task of picking child-friendly apps that are both entertaining and educational Google has introduced an Expert Approved badge into The Google Play app store. They decided to launch this a bit earlier than planned because parents who have tried it out have said that it’s been helpful, especially now with their kids spending more time with screens.

How are apps reviewed?

In order for an app to receive a “Expert Approved” badge, it must meet quality standards that were developed in partnership between Google and children’s education and media specialists. Apps are rated on factors like age-appropriateness, design quality, appeal to children, and enrichment potential. The app listing includes information about why the app was rated highly to help parents determine if it is right for their child.

Whenever parents search the Play Store, they can look for the “Expert Approved” badge to quickly see which apps have been reviewed and rated highly by teachers.

Visit the “Kids” tab if you want to browse content that’s been “Expert Approved”.

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