Own it – new BBC website to help children navigate the pressures of life online

Today marks the launch of a new BBC website for children featuring a number of videos from BBC presenters and vloggers giving tips on how to deal with a number of online issues such as online pressure, cyberbullying and managing life on social media.

It’s aim is to equip young people with the confidence to navigate the online world safety and become more digitally savvy about the things that they may experience online.

There are four key areas it covers, ‘The basics’, ‘Take control’, ‘ It’s Personal’ and ‘ Don’t panic’. Under each of these headers children will find a collection of videos that touch on practical things like ‘What are terms and conditions?’ to how to deal with challenging situation online like ‘Can I take back something I’ve posted?’.

If you are a parent or carer, this research is a great resource to help children discover and build up their understanding and knowledge of the online in way that they can digest and hopefully take onboard to become more resilient online.


Encourage your child to visit the OWN IT site to get advice on how to deal with day-to-day pressures and dilemmas of life online

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