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Join forward-thinking organisations to tackle one of the most pressing issues and meet the needs of today’s digital families.

Margot James

Internet Matters Chairperson

“The work of Internet Matters cannot be achieved without the support of our growing number of industry partners and their consistent commitment since we started our work in 2014. Their support, and their willingness to collaborate on a sustained basis, has allowed Internet Matters to make a real impact in the lives of children and young people.”

Together for a better internet

The benefits of the digital world are huge, but we cannot ignore that connected technology increases the exposure to online harm. Internet Matters has consistently been dedicated to a collaborative approach in making a positive difference to the online experience of children and young people.

When around three-quarters of parents say they lack confidence in tackling online safety issues, we can provide resources, through the support and reach of our partners, that truly make a difference. We work directly with our partners to focus on what’s most important to each organisation to support our joint vision of a safer, happier connected world.

Find out more about how we work with our existing partners.

Benefits of working with us

  • Meet the needs of families – help and support parents to have the right conversations
  • Lead by example – demonstrate responsibility within your sector to help children build digital skills for life
  • Access expertise and resources – we provide support to help guide your approach to this issue
  • Join a coalition – collaborate with forward-thinking organisations to tackle one of today’s most pressing issues
  • Support effective work – contribute to the proven success of Internet Matters

Find out more about how we work with our existing partners.

Partners’ support has helped us to offer great benefits to parents

Carolyn Bunting, IM CEO

Carolyn Bunting

CEO, Internet Matters

Message from CEO

“On behalf of Internet Matters, I’d like to thank all those we work with for their continued support and commitment to tackling this challenging societal issue. It has never been more important that, together, we create a future where we ensure children and young people can benefit from all that connected technology has to offer without coming to harm.”

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