Ditch the Label Annual bullying survey 2018

The report reveals that 1-in-5 of all young people have witnessed bullying within the past 12-months, with 50% of them witnessing it at least once a month.

Key findings

Carried out by Ditch the Label,this crucial body of evidence; documenting the extent and nature of bullying behaviours from the real and often unheard voices of the young people who experience it.

Over 9,000 young people aged 12-20 in partnership with schools and colleges from across the country.

It showcases the latest bullying statistics and fully explores the real lived experiences of those who are victimised, those who perpetrate and those who witness bullying. Included in the report is the following:

  • Key bullying statistics in the UK
  • The motivations of bullying
  • Frequency and nature of bullying experienced
  • The impact of bullying
  • Rates of young people bullying others
  • Rationale behind the perpetration of bullying
  • The extent and nature of witnessing bullying
  • How young people intervene when they witness bullying
  • Recommendations
  • Real stories and experiences

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