Dr Linda Papadopoulos joins us to support parents on keeping kids safe online

As a well-respected psychologist in the UK, Dr Linda joins our team as an Ambassador to give parents advice on the psychological impact of issues that children can face online such as; cyberbullying and sexting, to name but a few.

Carolyn Bunting, General Manager of Internet Matters said: “We are delighted to welcome Dr Linda to Internet Matters.

“Dr Linda, whose work on the impact of the digital world on young people and relationships will provide expert insight into a range of online safety issues that continue to challenge parents on a daily basis. We always aim to give parents the best advice on the issues that most concern them and so we look forward to her input in adding a new dimension to what we do.

“We look forward to working closely with Dr Linda and seeking her advice and support on a series of upcoming projects and national campaigns.”

Dr Linda said: “I’m excited to be working with Internet Matters.

“As a mother and practicing psychologist, I feel very strongly about Internet safety.

“It’s essential that parents are aware of the psychological impact the digital world has on children and I look forward to exploring this issue further with Internet Matters over the next year.”

Dr Linda launched her collaboration with Internet Matters on Safer Internet Day, where she appeared on Sky News Sunrise to discuss the revealing online habits of six-year-olds – offering parents advice on how to keep their children internet safe.

More about Dr Linda 

Dr Linda Papadopoulos is a Chartered Counselling and Health Psychologist and one the most well-known and respected Psychologists in the UK.

During her 14 years as a Chartered Psychologist, Dr Linda gained extensive experience in the counselling of individuals, couples and families, and her work has informed government policy. In 2010 she headed up a highly-acclaimed independent review for the Home Office on the effects of sexualisation on young people.

Dr Linda’s success in psychology has led to her work being published in some of the most well-regarded academic journals and gave rise to a high-profile media-career. All of which she manages to squeeze in between being a mother, and an author.

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