Police provide cyberbullying and online harassment support guide

To help victims of cyberbullying and online harassment West Mercia and Warwickshire Police have created great support guides for parents and children.

Working together with us and a number of charities, schools, caring professionals, and other partners, they have also launched a campaign ‘#BeCyberSmart‘ – to raise awareness of the serious consequences online bullying can have in the real world. The aim is to reach as many people young people and their parents/ carers and teachers.

Cyberbullying and online harassment guide for parents

The guide offers parents and carers steps they can take to protect children online and what the police can do to offer their support.

Resources document

Share and download the parent and carers leaflet

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Cyberbullying support guide for children

The guide helps children understand what cyberbullying and online harassment is and what practical steps they can take to protect themselves.

Resources document

Share and download the children’s cyberbullying and online harassment guide.

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