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Many parents have dealt with cyberbullying in different forms — from child-on-child abuse to misogyny. Their experience has helped them tackle online bullying and support their children.

Below, they’ve shared their stories, how bullying impacted their children and what support they got to move forward.

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Explore other parents' experiences with cyberbullying

Learn from other parents when it comes to tackling online bullying. Choose a parent below to learn more.

Nicola’s story: My child was a cyberbully

No parent wants to think of their child bullying someone else online. However, young people who may have never bullied anyone face-to-face can get drawn into cyberbullying easily, sometimes without realising that’s what they’re doing.

See Nicola’s story and how she dealt with her child’s actions.

Nicola talks candidly about finding out her daughter was bullying others online and how they dealt with this as a family.

How to tackle bullying behaviours

If your child shows bullying behaviour against others online, this guidance can help.


Emma’s story: Child-on-child abuse

Child-on-child abuse can happen in person and online, but many parents aren’t aware of what it actually is. Mum, Emma, shares her experience of online child-on-child abuse and what parents can do to help keep their children safe.

Emma’s 12-year-old child was targeted through the AirDrop feature available on iPhones, with violent and inappropriate content.

Learn more about child-on-child abuse

Featuring advice from psychologist Dr Linda Papadopoulos, learn how to keep kids safe from abuse online.


Barney’s story: Misogyny in sport

Barney’s teenage daughter first encountered misogyny online in a thread about the England women’s football team. Here, Barney shares the steps he took to counter sexism-based bullying online with his child.

See what Barney does to support his teen manage the online hate in online football communities.

Understand online misogyny

More than telling a child misogyny is wrong, this guide provides insight into the reasons behind the behaviour.


Real families’ experiences with cyberbullying

Meet real families featuring children of different ages as they talk about their online experiences with bullying and other issues.


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