Viral challenges

Advice for young people

Learn about how to notice when some challenges may be dangerous and not repeat them.

Teenage boy looking at phone scared and sad emoji

Viral challenges on social media – Things to think about

What you will learn

What to think about

Challenges seem exciting and some are done for charity. You can feel you should do one because:

  • Your friends are doing it
  • Someone nominated you
  • It might make you popular
  • You might get lots of likes
  • It must be OK if other people are all doing it

But some are dangerous, and others might affect you because you are sensitive to noise, smell or other sensations.

What should I look out for?

Be careful if:

  • Friends are pushing you to do it
  • A challenge just popped up on your screen
  • Anything about it makes you uncomfortable
  • You need to eat or drink anything to do it
  • You might hurt yourself doing it
  • You are asked to take clothes off

What can I do?

  • Do not worry it is not real
  • Close it down and walk away
  • Tell a parent or someone you trust
  • Block the sender
  • Report the challenge

BBC Own It has made a video about challenges.