Support young girls’ wellbeing

Guidance for parents & carers of 9-10-year-old girls

Late nights, the fear of missing out (FOMO) and body image all contribute to significant negative impacts on 9-10-year-old girls’ wellbeing.

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Four girls sit on a sofa smiling at their smartphones or tablet, supporting their wellbeing with friends.

Managing screen time to support young girls’ wellbeing

There are two areas of screen time impacting 9-10-year-old girls: the length of time they spend online and how they spend that time.

Talk about screen time limits

Supporting girls’ wellbeing isn’t as simple as setting limits through parental controls, though it helps. Instead, talk to them about how they feel about the time spent online.

Together, create limits through parental controls, wellbeing apps and family agreements. As you do, make sure you keep having conversations to check-in on their digital lives and wellbeing. If they need support, they are more likely to reach out if they know you are there to listen.