Kids Safe Mode on Sky Q

Fun TV for them and peace of mind for you. With the new Kids Safe Mode, your TV becomes a kids‑only world, so they’re safe from seeing anything too grown up.

Creating a child-friendly TV experience at home

Kids Safe Mode is one of the key features which forms part of Sky’s commitment to ensure children are safe whilst watching TV and spending time online. It is a simple way for parents to have ultimate peace of mind when their children are watching TV.

The setting allows parents to lock their Sky Q box in the Kids section, by simply selecting the setting and entering their TV PIN.

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Learn more about how Sky are working with us to offer support to UK parents to keep their children safe online.

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Key features

Designed with children at the heart

The feature allows children to have a dedicated space, making it easier for them to find shows and films they can enjoy. It also allows them to develop a sense of independence as they are able to take control of the remote and explore in a safe space.

Creates digital boundaries for safer viewing

Kids Safe Mode on Sky Q can be activated by entering a Sky Pin number. Once it’s on, the feature will only allow you into Sky’s kids’ section which only shows content suitable for 0 to 12 year-olds. It will stay on even if you turn off the Sky Q box and or the box is rebooted.

Set up Kids Safe Mode on Sky Q box

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