How can you help your child think critically about what they see online?

The digital space can offer children and young people many benefits. However, not everything they come across online is true or safe to copy.

Get advice on helping children navigate their favourite apps, sites and platforms through critical thinking skills.

Dr Elizabeth Milovidov, JD

Law Professor and Digital Parenting Expert
Expert Website

Why is critical thinking important?

Thinking critically about the information and content we come across online is a key life skill in today’s digital day and age.  It’s  important children understand that online content (text, images, videos, audio) can be manipulated, misinterpreted or misrepresented.

How can I develop their critical thinking about information?

One of the best ways to keep your child safe online is to stay in the loop, checking-in for regular chats. Using play, parents and carers can engage children in supportive, and even fun, conversations to encourage them to question what they encounter online.

Ask them to think about who created the content and why? Can the information be found independently elsewhere such as on credible news sites? Will they ask you or another trusted grown-up for help if they’re unsure something they’ve encountered online is true?

The LEGO Group is serious about play and has developed free and playful resources for parents and children to get connected on digital life:

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