Five parental control apps to keep your child safe online

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If you have an android device and are looking for an app to help keep your child safe online, Britta O’Boyle of Pocket-lint list five great apps to help you do just that.

The internet is a fantastic source of information. Whether you use it for social media, researching or cheating on the pub quiz, you can discover nearly anything you need to know these days.

But while you might be happy to have unlimited access to all this information, you probably don’t want your children to, so here are five apps to help you control what they see and do on Android devices, whether its a family device or their own.

MM Guardian Parental Control

The MM Guardian Parental Control app allows you to block incoming calls and texts, monitor alarming texts and control which apps can be used and when on your child’s smartphone.

In more extreme circumstances it also lets you locate and lock your child’s phone using a text message, as well as set time restrictions to limit their use. You’ll be able to get a daily report on your child’s phone usage, so if their bill is high, you will be able to find out why and it will also allow you to set restrictions on the websites they can access.

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Funamo Parental Control

The Funamo Parental Control app allows you to not only monitor devices but also filter internet sites. Contacts, calls, SMS, websites, applications and locations of the device will automatically be logged and history data is uploaded to the Funamo server each day.

As a parent, you will then be able to view this data from any browser whenever you want. You can also enforce safe search for Google, Yahoo, Bing and YouTube, as well as set up keyword or phrase filtering – which lets you ban specific topics that might be deemed safe by the search engines – and time limits for applications.

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Kids Place – Parental Control

You will have to set up a pin when you first log into Kids Place that is then needed to exit the app, but once logged in, it will protect your personal data and restrict your children to only use apps approved by you.

Kids Place will also make sure your kids can’t do anything on your device that will cost you money, such as making phone calls, texting or downloading new apps. In addition, you can block incoming calls when this app is running and disable all wireless signals, as well as have multiple user profiles.

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AppLock has over 100 million users and supports 24 languages. It allows you to lock SMS, contacts, Gmail, Facebook and any other app to protect your privacy. You will be able to control photo and video access, meaning you can set selected pictures to disappear from your photo gallery so only you can access them with a code.

AppLock also allows you to lock your settings and Google Play so you won’t have to worry about your children accessing new apps or changing your settings.

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Screen Time Parental Control

Screen Time is a parental control app that is less invasive than others and geared towards families with older children and teenagers. It will let you monitor and manage the time spent on devices and allows you to set time limits on selected apps, as well as a bedtime curfew, lights out and school time curfews.

It can be controlled via any browser and the app itself runs in the background, providing you with an easy way to check up on usage.

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