What is personal information?

Advice for young people

Learn more about how to manage your personal information such as your name and location when using apps and sites.

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What is personal information?

What you will learn

What to think about


There are times when you might be asked for some of this information to buy something online or to set up an account. Always ask a trusted adult first and try not to give away these facts about you by simply sharing.

  • Do not share your name – first name and last name
  • Do not share your home address
  • Do not share the name of your school and where it is, or your school uniform in photos
  • Do not share your phone number
  • Do not share your passwords
  • Do not share how old you are and your birthday date
  • Do not share where you are when you are posting or uploading a photo that shows where you are in the picture or the places you often go to

What do we mean by ‘online’ or the internet?

The internet is a network that uses telephone lines, cables, satellites, and wireless connections to connect computers and other devices to the World Wide Web. Smartphones, computers, some TVs, games consoles, watches or toys, can connect to the internet, as well as virtual personal assistants by Google or Alexa.

We connect through our devices like smartphones, game consoles, laptops, and tablets. Technology makes it easy for us to connect to other people and information through the internet or using phone signals.