Do the basics on social media

Advice for young people

Get quick tips on how to review and set up your social media account to connect safely with others and get the best out of your experience.

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Social media, the basics.

There are lots of things you can do on social media. You can chat to your friends online, share photos, play games and let your followers know what you’re up to.

Having fun on social media is really important, but so is keeping safe.

Here we have some advice to test if you are ready for social media and there is a little quiz to make it even more fun.

Things we will cover in this section include:

Learning how to set up a new social media profile.

What you need to remember to do to keep yourself safe if you already have a social media profile.

Setting a strong password.

Fun things to do on social media.

And finally - gaming and making friends online.

Try and be open with the adults in your life, about your online life - this makes it easier to talk to them in the future if something does go wrong.