Setting up safely

Learn how to use Samsung’s family-friendly tools to create a safer space for your child to enjoy their online world safely and smartly.

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In partnership with Internet Matters, Samsung is committed to empowering parents to have the knowledge and tools to keep their children safe online throughout the connected home. As one of the world’s largest technology companies, Samsung continues to invest in updating their digital safety app for mobile devices (Samsung Kids) and control features across their Digital Appliances to make them easy-to-use and family-friendly.

Exploring the online world safely with Samsung family-friendly tools

Whether your child is taking their first digital footsteps online or growing in confidence and exploring new online spaces, Samsung has a solution to give you peace of mind.

Navigating through this page you’ll find tips on how to make the most of Samsung Kids, Family Hub fridge and Smart TVs to create a safer space for under-8s to explore and practical advice to support older children in making smarter choices online.

You’ll also be able to use The Online Together Project interactive tool together with your child to help them create a positive and inclusive culture online.

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Learn more about how Samsung are working with us to offer support to UK parents to keep their children safe online.

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Work we do to create a safer digital world

The Online Together Project (6+)

Use this interactive tool with children aged 6+ to encourage an inclusive culture online starting by breaking down gender stereotypes and tackling online hate.

Advice to support under-8s

See how Samsung’s Kids Home can help your child learn and play safely online along with controls on the Family Hub fridge and Samsung Smart TVs

Advice to support over-8s

Get advice on setting simple controls on kids’ devices to help them make safer choices online along with controls on  the Family Hub fridge and Samsung Smart TVs

Tips and tools to support your children online

Get to grips with what your child may come across online as they become more active and what you can do to limit the risks and deal with it. Also, find practical ways to use apps and tech to help them get the best out of their digital world.

News & Opinion

Read the latest articles on parental controls, new platforms, personal experiences and more.

Set Up Safe

Set up your child’s devices safely with this guide to privacy and security controls.

E-Safety Checklist

Follow this guide to help your child stay safe on whatever game, platform or app they use.

More to explore

Here are more ways to keep your child safe online

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