Samsung’s vision is ‘Together for Tomorrow! Enabling People’ and Samsung live true to this by supporting people to use technology as a force for good. In partnership with Internet Matters, Samsung is committed to empowering parents to have the knowledge and tools to keep their children safe online throughout the connected home.

What we are doing together

Samsung is working closely with us to ensure that up to date, easy to understand, relevant information is provided to parents whose children have access to the increasing number of Samsung products now connected to the Internet. This spans beyond their mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets to their range of Smart fridges. Through our joint microsite, we want to ensure millions of children can safely benefit from seamless connectivity at home and on the move.

Offering advice at the right time

Samsung is ensuring frontline staff in their stores across the country are provided with the right information to help advise parents on how to set up and support their children to use Samsung’s devices safely . So that when a parent brings home a new smartphone, tablet or even a Family Hub fridge they are equipped with the appropriate information to allow their children to access the internet safely.

Samsung has supported Safer Internet Day since 2019, providing information to over 30000 of its store staff on the benefits of and how to set up its child-safe Kids Mode app and customers through Samsung Members. Since 2020 Samsung and Internet Matters have delivered a series of free child online safety workshops for parents and carers, offering experience with the safety features and applications across Samsung devices, as well as a fun activity-based workshop for children to encourage creative thinking about staying safe in a digital world.

During the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, we created an online safety web video series, offering a range of insights and expert advice to help keep families safe online.

In 2021 The Online Together Project was launched, this tool helps young people, their parents and carers, to develop critical thinking skills and encourage a positive and inclusive culture online. The first phase focuses on tackling gender stereotypes and can be visited here . In 2022, we are set to further expand this partnership and further help child online safety.

Empowering people with the right tools

As one of the world’s largest technology companies, Samsung continues to invest in updating their digital safety app for mobile devices (Samsung Kids ) and control features across their Digital Appliances to make them easy-to-use and family-friendly. Internet Matters and Samsung’s simple guides will help parents find simple tips that can create a safe environment for their children to explore the internet.

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Conor Pierce
Corporate Vice President, Samsung UK & Ireland

“Samsung is extremely proud to be partnering with Internet Matters. We believe in the positive power of technology, which can open up many exciting possibilities for people. But it’s now more important than ever that technology is used responsibly and respectfully by everyone, especially children and young people.

At Samsung our driving ambition is to make our products as safe as possible for users, deliver the highest standard of safety features and, together with Internet Matters, create family friendly educational tools such as The Online Together Project. We hope access to these tools will enable thousands more families to spark conversations and understanding about keeping safe online.”

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Need to set controls on Samsung Family HubKids Home or smartphones and tablets? See our how-to guides to get step-by-step advice.

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