Google believes that making technology for everyone means helping protect those who use it.
They help parents manage what’s right for their family online and encourage children to build healthy digital habits by developing products and programmes in partnership with family safety experts like Internet Matters.

What we are doing together

Utilising controls and tech tools

Internet Matters was a key partner in the UK launch of Google’s Family Link app, which allows parents to set digital ground rules on their child’s Android or Chromebook devices. The joint effort included building simple, step-by-step guides for parents looking for advice on how to set controls for the first time, as well as featuring in the launch campaign as a resource for helpful expert advice on how to further support their children’s journeys online.

In addition to this app, Google offers a suite of safety features like SafeSearch and YouTube Kids designed to filter out inappropriate content to create a safer space for children to explore across its platforms.

Hands-on safety course for parents

To support parents on how to keep their children safe online, we’ve also created a free online safety training aimed at parents of primary aged children hosted at Google’s Digital Garage in Manchester. The ‘Keep Your Family Safe Online’ course gives parents simple, practical advice on the role they can play to ensure their children’s online safety by highlighting free tools, programmes and conversation guidance on topics such as inappropriate content, stranger danger and screen time.

Parents at Google share their online safety tips to keep kids safe online
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Eileen Mannion
Vice President of Marketing 

Google believes deeply in technology’s ability to unlock creativity, and we work hard to ensure that parents and children have the tools and knowledge they need to make smart and responsible choices online. We recognise our responsibility to helping families enjoy technology smartly and safely and are proud to be part of the Internet Matters coalition.

Why support Internet Matters 

Google is invested in pushing the envelope on building online resilience and understanding how to enjoy the internet safely with a variety of children’s focused products and programmes. By partnering and helping to fund the work of Internet Matters, Google has additional support to help talk directly to parents as well about online safety needs for their families.

Resources document

Need to set controls on YouTube or turn on SafeSearch? See our how-to guides to get step-by-step advice.

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