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Amazon Kids is committed to creating digital experiences families feel good about by offering family-friendly devices and services that help parents protect their children online while also giving them freedom to explore, discover and play.

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What we are doing together

Even if children seem like tech experts, they still require their parents’ guidance. That is why Amazon offers an entire collection of kids products and services like Amazon Kids+ on Fire TV, Kindle, Tablet and Echo all connected by the Amazon Parent Dashboard.

On Amazon Kids+, children find a curated age-appropriate library of popular apps, videos, books, Audible books and educational content embedded in a safe environment that is ad-free and not connected to social media platforms. Through the Parent Dashboard, parents can control settings, set age and time limits as well as educational goals for their respective child.

Amazon Kids is working closely with Internet Matters to ensure parents and children always feel supported when interacting with Amazon devices connected to the internet. We are adding new articles to Amazon’s Family Digital Well-Being Hub to provide parents with resources to better understand Amazon’s family friendly devices and answer their most pressing questions around safely navigating the digital world.

Together we aim to become a trusted resource that helps parents feel more confident about their family’s online activities.

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Catherine Teitelbaum
Head of Family Trust, Amazon Kids

“Since its inception, Amazon Kids has built devices and services that provide support to families and help kids safely learn, connect and have fun. We offer robust Amazon Kids parental controls, hand-curated age-appropriate content through the Amazon Kids+ subscription, devices built from the ground-up for kids and features designed for the whole family.

“We are excited to support and collaborate with Internet Matters to help inform our continued invention for kids and families.”

Why support Internet Matters 

Amazon Kids is a Corporate Partner of Internet Matters to support their important work to help families keep children safe online and partner with their knowledgeable team to develop useful information material for parents around Amazon Kids digital products and services.

Amazon Kids and Internet Matters aim to make their common mission a reality to equip parents and children alike with the right knowledge to make the internet a safer place for families.

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Amazon Kids joins forces with Internet Matters to keep children safe online

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Ways Amazon Kids creates a safer digital world

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