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Tesco Mobile joined us as a corporate partner in late 2022. As part of their purpose of ‘caring for human connection’, they’re dedicated to supporting parents and carers in keeping their children safe online, and helping families make informed decisions about their mobile devices.

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What we are doing together

Like Internet Matters, Tesco Mobile believe everyone should be able to access the internet safely. They’re committed to highlighting the crucial role parents and carers play in keeping their children safe online.

With their established position as the 2022 Which? Utilities Brand of the Year, they’re raising awareness of the personalised, mobile device-specific resources we provide to support families – helping children benefit from using the internet and apps safely on their devices.

The Little Digital Helps Toolkit

A circular image of a mum and daughter laughing and smiling at something on a mobile phone at a table with a mug and bowl. The Internet Matters and Tesco Mobile logos are in the corner with text that reads 'Little Digital Helps Toolkit. A tailored toolkit packed full of resources to keep your children safe on connected devices.'

The Little Digital Helps Toolkit gives parents and carers the opportunity to answer a few quick questions about their family’s digital habits, allowing them to receive a personalised online safety plan for their children’s devices.

This empowers parents and carers with the knowledge and information they need to help keep their children safe online when they’re using their devices.

Offering advice at the right time

For many, Tesco Mobile are the first port of call when looking for a new device or network for their family. We’re delighted to be working with them to ensure parents and carers are equipped with helpful information to allow their children to use the internet safely.

Empowering people with the right tools

As a mobile network, Tesco Mobile are already dedicated to online safety by restricting access to adult content by default. With additional options to block further content, they’re working with us to make sure their parental control guides contain the most relevant, up-to-date steps.

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Claire Pickthall
Chief Executive Officer 

At Tesco Mobile, we want everyone to have a healthy relationship with technology, so they can enjoy the benefits of connectivity safely and smartly. We’re delighted to partner with Internet Matters to bring simple, effective online safety advice and content to families and young people, one little help at a time. We know it can be hard for families to keep up, or know where to start, and will use our reach to share relevant and helpful guidance to those who need it, and when it matters most.

Why support Internet Matters? 

Tesco Mobile want to ensure families and young people can access all the benefits of connectivity, while being aware of and reducing the risks – ultimately leading to a healthy relationship with technology. Working with us allows them to provide families with expert advice and tips on how to explore the internet safely.

Resources document

Need to set controls on your Tesco Mobile device? See our how-to guide to get step-by-step advice.

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