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Virgin Media O2 is a founding member of Internet Matters and supports its customers to help their families enjoy the internet safely.

It does so by providing a range of technical tools for its broadband and mobile customers, alongside advice to help build digitally resilient children.

What we are doing together

Virgin Media O2 actively supports and raises awareness of Internet Matters campaigns and resources amongst customers and employees.

Throughout the year, Virgin Media O2 helps us reach parents with our awareness campaigns which highlight the resources that we create for parents. This includes promotion on their TV platform, website, social channels, retail brochures and in customer emails.

Virgin Media O2 aims to reach as many parents in the UK as possible through its support of our campaigns. In addition to contacting customers, Virgin Media O2 also promotes Internet Matters to staff.

Tech tools to manage children’s online safety

Virgin Media O2 offers customers parental controls to filter out content that is deemed may be inappropriate for children. Explore Websafe and F-Secure Safe.

Websafe, which includes Child Safe and Virus Safe, is free to all Virgin Media O2 broadband users.  Child Safe helps block sites that are unsuitable for children on their home network, and Virus Safe helps to block websites that may contain viruses.

Account holders can turn on family-friendly filters, adjust control levels or even add further safety products at any time. Additionally, customers can add further protection for devices outside of the home, using F-Secure SAFE.

F-Secure SAFE can be installed on your mobile, tablet or desktop.  It helps to keep customers safe online when on 4G or out of the home. There are also advanced parental controls to filter website access by age category and limit screen time wherever your family is.

Learn about the parental control features of Virgin Media O2’s Web Safe to help your family stay safe online.
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Lutz Schüler
Chief Executive Officer 

As a founder and partner of Internet Matters, Virgin Media O2 is proud of the vitally important work it undertakes each year to equip parents and carers with the knowledge and skills to support their conversations with young people about responsible internet usage. The internet is a vast and powerful tool and with Internet Matters we can help children and young people navigate the online world safely.

Why support Internet Matters 

Along with being a founding member of Internet Matters, Virgin Media O2 is a Member of the UK Council for  Internet Safety (UKCIS), a Member of the Royal Foundation’s Taskforce on the Prevention of Cyberbullying and sits on the Funding Council of the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF).

Through their investment, we are able to carry out research in-field that helps us better understand parents’ concerns about online safety. It also gives us insight on what resources they need to feel empowered to support their child and where to find further support.

Resources document

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