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Since 2010 BT Consumer Group has invested over £5 million in filtering tools and education to help children and young adults use the internet safely.

What we are doing together

BT Consumer continues to support Internet Matters, utilising our expertise and resources to help raise awareness of online safety across their customer base. Through awareness campaigns such as our recent Back to School and Set up Safe campaigns, we are working together to educate families on key online issues.

We have collaborated together on staff initiatives including Consumer Live, which enabled us to network and discuss how both our organisations are working closely together on online safety. We also worked together to create an immersive training programme, using a ‘safe room’ to engage employees on online safety issues.

Empowering people with hands-on support

On Safer Internet Day 2018, working with Internet Matters, EE trained thousands of frontline employees across over 600 retail outlets, preparing them to offer support on safety features on devices and parental controls as well as directing customers to resources to help tackle difficult subjects like cyberbullying.

Between 2014 – 2017, using Internet Matters expertise and resources BT delivered over 527 Internet Safety Matters interactive workshops to children, parents and teachers from UNICEF UK’s Rights Respecting primary schools

Utilising controls and tech tools

Internet Matters house easy to follow guides for BT’s free parental controls for home and mobile, public wi-fi, and on-demand TV content. We feature PlusNet’s SafeGuard and how this allows parents to block numerous categories of online content such as pornography, gambling and hate sites. We look at EE’s Content Lock which helps to keep children safe online by blocking 18-rated content. Content Lock has three settings – Strict, Moderate and Off so you can choose exactly what level of security you’d like.

BT offers top tips to keep your family safe online
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Marc Allera
Chief Executive Officer

It can be hard to keep up with advice on how to keep our children safe given the relentless pace of development of digital technologies. We’re excited about our continued partnership with Internet Matters as we continue to see a real benefit in providing a one-stop shop where parents feel confident in getting simple, effective and practical advice – allowing them to take simple steps that make a real difference.

Why support Internet Matters 

Technology alone cannot ensure the protection of children online. So, together with Virgin, Talk Talk and Sky, they invested in creating Internet matters to reach 90 percent of UK homes to provide education and advice to parents to help children build their online resilience. It is a organisation that continues to be essential in helping the UK lead the way in child internet safety.

Resources document

Visit our broadband & mobile networks parental controls how-to-guides to learn how to set controls on your BTEE, and Plusnet networks.

See control guides

Work we do to create a safer digital world

BT Parental Controls

Easy way to keep your children safe online

BT Wi-Fi Protect

Free filtering service to screen out inappropriate content

EE Content Lock 

Helps block  18-rated content on mobile network

PlusNet SafeGuard

Internet content control  for your household