Impact Report 2014 – 2017

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What’s inside the report?

Our impact report focuses on the great work that we’ve done to encourage parents to keep their children safe online since we launched in 2014. It gives an overview of how our online safety campaigns and subsequent research have shed a light on key issues that parents and children face in the digital world.

Our board members BT, Sky, Talk Talk, Virgin Media, BBC and Google share insight on our aims and future aspirations.

A summary of insights we’ve gained through our research into parents and children internet use.

A summary of our achievements over last three years and aspirations for future of the organisation.

A look at how our major online safety campaigns; Back to school, Social media and Cyberbullying, have helped raise awareness of key issues facing children online.

How we’ve worked with together with charities and industry experts to ensure we find the best solutions to an increasingly complex issue.

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