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Resources to support parents, carers and professionals

Support a child targeted by OCGs by reporting the exploitation using proper channels.

Together with safeguarding agency Praesidio, we have created this resource page. Learn how to report county lines exploitation and where to get support.

What’s on the page

How to report county lines exploitation

Oftentimes, a child might be afraid to report their exploitation. So, it’s vital to report it when they open up. Use the following resources to learn how to properly report county lines.

National Crime Agency

Learn more about county lines, how to report exploitation you might witness and how law enforcement will respond to such reports.


Call CrimeStoppers at 0800 555 111 or fill out their non-traceable online form to report county lines.

Explore other resources signposted on the CrimeStoppers to help support you or your child.


A part of CrimeStoppers, Fearless offers advice for children and young people on recognising the signs and reporting county lines.

Support for children and young people

Share these resources with children and young people who may need additional support such as talking with a counsellor about county lines or getting advice.

Victim Support

If your child has been victim to county lines or know someone who has, Victim Support offers free advice and guidance on how to cope and what comes next.


Children and young people under the age of 19 can use Childline to talk confidentially about things bothering them. They can chat via:

  • phone (0800 1111)
  • email (registration required)
  • 1-2-1 chat with a counsellor

Missing People

If a child or young person finds themselves exploited through county lines, they might find themselves in difficult situations. To report themselves or a friend as missing or to get support, they can:

Meic (Wales)

Meic is for children and young people in Wales under the age of 25 to get support on a range of issues. Access support via:

  • freephone (0808 80 23456)
  • text (84001)
  • online chat

Organisations supporting parents and carers

If your child experiences county lines exploitation, supporting them is vital. However, getting support for yourself is just as important. These resources can give you someone to talk to or provide additional support in reporting an issue.

Victim Support

For both victims and witnesses, Victim Support has guidance and advice for parents and carers. Visit the site or call 08 08 16 89 111.

YoungMinds Parents Helpline

If you worry your child is being exploited or are trying to help them recover, YoungMinds offer a helpline (0808 802 5544) and web chat service (bottom-right corner of the website) to help.

Missing People

A child involved in county lines might go missing, but there are things you can do to bring them home. Missing People UK offers guidance and support for loved ones of those who are missing. Contact them via:

Family Lives

Free to parents in England and Wales, Family Lives offers a helpline to get support on anything related to your role as a parent or any issues in your family. Call 0808 800 2222 to reach them and call back if you don’t get through the first time.

For parents in Scotland, call Parentline Scotland at 080000 28 22 33.

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