What is the Threads App from Instagram?

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Originally launched in 2019, the relaunched Threads app offers users a Twitter-like experience with easy links to Instagram.

Learn how the app works and how you can make sure your child’s time online stays positive.

What is Threads?

Threads is an app for Instagram created by Meta. It is similar to Twitter in the way the feed is laid out but uses Instagram design for user accounts.

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An early version of it was launched in 2019 before being discontinued. Its relaunch in July 2023 uses some elements from the original app alongside new features.

The Threads app is meant as a place for users to quickly share photos, videos and text with their Instagram followers. In the past, this was limited to the Instagram Close Friends list, but users now can choose who sees their updates.

What is the minimum age limit?

Threads has been given a minimum age limit of 12 in the Apple App Store and Parental Guidance in the Google Play Store. However, the minimum age rating for Instagram is still 13 and over. The Threads app follows Instagram’s community guidelines with some additions of its own.

Step-by-step guide document

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How does Threads work?

Users can download the Threads app and login with their Instagram account. You can automatically follow the same people and import your bio. Some features like blocked users and hidden likes will be carried over onto Threads as well.

Screenshots of the Threads app from Instagram that shows account set up.

Similar to Twitter, users can share their thoughts by creating new threads. Users can then choose who can reply to the thread: Your followers, Profiles you follow or Mentioned only. This audience can then respond in the thread with images, videos or text.

Privacy settings

When a user first opens their Threads profile, they are asked if they want a public or private profile. This can be changed in the privacy settings later. As on Instagram, setting a private profile means that only your followers can contact you. You’ll also be able to approve or deny follow requests.

While many of these features are on both Threads and Instagram, you will need to set most of them again on Threads. These include who can mention you, who you’ve muted on Threads, what words you’d like to hide on Threads and your followers.

There are not as many settings to go through on Threads because it is linked to those already on Instagram.

Blocked users

One feature in the Threads app that is the same on Instagram is the blocked users. When a user starts using Threads, those they blocked on Instagram will stay blocked. To manage this list, users will need to do so in the Instagram app.

Take a break

Threads includes a ‘Take a break’ feature to help users manage screen time. It works just like the feature on Instagram and allows users to limit their scrolling.


Instagram Supervision applies to Threads as well. If you’ve already set up Supervision through the Meta Family Centre, Threads will automatically be included. See how to set up Supervision here.


Threads and Instagram work closely together. You can share a Threads post to your Instagram Story and Feed, as a Tweet or as a standalone link across platforms.

Users can also repost threads to their own feed. This is only possible if the profile is public.

Digital wellbeing document

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How can I delete Threads?

You cannot currently delete Threads. However, you can deactivate your Threads account and delete the app from your device.

To deactivate Threads:

  • Go to the Threads app > Your Profile > Settings
  • Tap Account > Deactivate profile
  • Confirm your choice by tapping Deactivate Threads Profile at the bottom of the screen

Threads profile deactivation is temporary. You can reactivate it by logging into the Threads app again. A deactivated profile cannot be viewed by others.

To fully delete your Threads account and its data, you must delete your Instagram account. However, Instagram says they are working on a way to delete the two profiles separately.

Reporting and blocking in-app

Just like on Instagram and other social media networks, users can report content for review. If a thread or reply goes against Instagram’s community guidelines, users can report it. If you don’t like content you see, you can also hide it.

Users can also unfollow, mute or restrict accounts in the same way as on Instagram.

How parents can keep teens safe

  • Ensure they are 13 or older
  • Help them customise privacy settings on Threads that aren’t covered on Instagram
  • Encourage them to set their accounts to private with followers they know well
  • Make sure they understand the available features such as muting, hiding, restricting, reporting and blocking to help keep their experiences positive
  • Consider setting up Instagram Supervision for additional safety
  • Have regular conversations about the content they follow and enjoy.
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